• EmberMap Podcast - APIs are about Policy

    Sam and Ryan read and discuss an article by Steven Wittens that explores the nature of HTTP APIs. Wittens argues that in practice, most APIs violate REST, but they do so because APIs are more about policy than they are about empowering clients with access to a data store. He then talks about what our APIs might look like if we embraced this fact, noting that GraphQL doesn't address these crucial issues of policy.

  • Kandha Vivek Raj K - Ember Accessibility

    Kandha shares their talk on accessibility in Ember.js at the Chennai EmberJS meetup.

  • Gopal Venkatesan - Web performance in 2019

    Gopal shares his talk on web performance at the Chennai EmberJS meetup.

  • Sivasubramanyam A - Differential bundling of assets in Ember

    In this talk at the Chennai EmberJS meetup, Sivasubramanyam proposes a technique to serve different bundles of app assets transpiled according to the user's browser to reduce bundle size and increase parsing speed.

  • Gokul Kathirvel - Octane: Why and How?

    Gokul shares this talk on why one might want to use Ember Octane at the Chennai EmberJS meetup.

  • Rajasegar Chandiran - ASTs & Ember.js

    Rajasegar shares his talk about abstract syntax trees and common community uses of AST tooling at the Chennai EmberJS meetup.

  • Ricardo Mendes - Thriving through the hype cycle: an Ember.js story

    Ricardo shares this talk at Commit Porto 2019 on June 22, 2019.

  • Ilya Radchenko - Experimenting with Ember template imports

    Ilya livestreams experimenting with Ember's built in template imports.

  • EmberMap Podcast - Object references considered helpful

    Sam and Ryan talk about a stale state bug in a React app, and how Ember's decision to use object references helps developers avoid these sorts of bugs. They also talk about how Ember's framework magic can sometimes make folks feel ill-equipped to work in the larger JavaScript ecosystem, despite being extremely pleasant. Then they answer some listener questions.

  • EmberMap Podcast - You gotta feel the pain

    Sam and Ryan talk about APIs that empower developers, even if it means giving them enough freedom to make mistakes. They also talk about building a component with dynamic children in both Ember and React.

  • May I Ask a Question - S2 E6

    Jen Weber and Preston Sego (aka nullvoxpopuli) figure out how to deliberately slow down an Ember.js acceptance test. Along the way, they give a tour of how to debug Ember apps from the browser tools and use pauseTest.

  • Chris Krycho - Adding types for @ember-data (3.11)

    Chris take the existing types for Ember Data and creates type definitions at the `@ember-data/*` module API stabilized in Ember Data 3.11.

  • EmberMap Podcast - The high-level API burden

    Sam and Ryan talk about the tradeoffs between high-level and low-level APIs, and why projects that focus on lower-level APIs tend to be both more sustainable and more popular. They also talk about their experience building Mirage's new landing page using Gatsby.

  • Crash Log - Inner vs Outer HTML, Splat Areas, and Fastboot complexity

    Ilya Radchenko and Dave Wasmer talk about inner vs outer HTML semantics, modifiers and splattributes, and complexities introduced by Fastboot.

  • EmberMap - On Modifier: A first look

    Sam takes a look at what action handling in Ember will look like now that we have the {{on}} modifier.

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