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Ember Weekly #602014-06-02

Watch & Listen

  • Ember without Ember Data - Robin Ward

    Shows how you can build an Ember application without using Ember Data. It starts off simple and then shows how to build advanced stuff like an identity map yourself. (

  • Ember at Scale - James Rosen

    James discusses the power of conventions in a big application, leveraging his experience with Ember on Zendesk. (

  • The Road to Web Components - Tom Dale

    Tom discusses the state of Web Components in relation to Ember's Components at Ember.js Dublin. This is essentially the same talk given at EmpireJS. (

  • Ember Surprise - David McMullen & Scott Stevenson

    A talk from Ember.js Dublin which covers things that you may find confusing when starting out with Ember. (slides) (




A lightweight and versatile spin box component for ember.js applications. (

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Displays little animated notification messages down the bottom of your Ember app. (

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Ember EasyDecorator is a simple decorator that uses Ember-EasyForm. (

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An asynchronous file uploader with HTML5's drag and drop (

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