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Ember Weekly #582014-05-18

Watch & Listen

  • The Road to Web Components - Tom Dale

    Tom discusses the state of Web Components and how Ember's Components bring many of the features of Web Components to developers today. (slides) (

  • Status of Ember CLI - Major Breakfast

    A talk from May's Ember Munich meetup introducing Ember CLI. It covers some of the latest and upcoming features. (

  • Ember Query Parameters - Elte Hupkes

    A look at the history of query parameters in Ember with a look at the current solution in Ember Canary. (slides) (

  • Minding the DOM - Oz Lodriguez

    Some of the top benefits HTMLBars will bring to Ember. (slides) (

  • Methods to animate in Ember - Dennis Tel

    A quick look at some of the options for animating views in Ember today. (




Unit test helpers for Ember using Jasmine. (

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Building JavaScript objects inspired by rosie.js and factory_girl (

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