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Ember Weekly #322013-11-14

Watch & Listen

  • Intro to Ember.js by Igor Terzic

    Igor Terzic gives a whirlwind tour of Ember.js at So Coded. (

  • Validations & EasyForm

    October 2013 NYC Meetup talk by Brian Cardarella. (

  • (Reduce)Computed

    October 2013 NYC Meetup lightening talk by Jonathan Goldman. (

  • Ember App Kit and the Ember Resolver

    October 2013 NYC Meetup lightening talk by Thomas Boyt. (

  • New Features in Ember 1.2

    October 2013 NYC Meetup lightening talk by Alex Matchneer. (

  • Understanding Actions and Events in Ember

    October 2013 NYC Meetup talk by Luke Melia. (




Adds interpolated string computed properties to Ember (i.e. no more unreadable getter concatenation). (blog post) (

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Better Filtered Content

Last week we linked to a Simple Filtered Content example. Shai Alon got in contact with an example of how his team are using CSS to improve filtered performance due to scaling issues with the previous example. (

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A seed application showing how to integrate karma, requirejs, qunit, and ember, which illustrates how to write unit level tests for ember models, and dom level tests for ember views and components. (discuss) (

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Changing Page Title with Ember

Example of changing page title with Ember routes by Alex Matchneer. Also check out the discussion on integrating feature into Ember (

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Broccoli - Compilation framework for browser assets

Jo Liss has been working on a fast, reliable asset builder & server. Hard-coded to build Ember apps for now, to be generalized later. Note: It's still in pre-alpha. (

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Ember Phone

Ember Phone is a clone of the Phone app in iOS7, showcasing how you can use components & controllers. (jsbin | code) (

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