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Ember Weekly #2572018-05-30


Watch & Listen

  • May I Ask A Question - S1 E4

    Jen and Chris tackle some questions from the Ember Discuss Forum.

  • Ember NYC - Aidan Nulman on the Three Pillars of an Ember CLI-driven CMS

    Aidan Nulman visits Ember NYC to talk about building a headless Content Management System using Ember CLI.

  • Jackie Luo - From React to Ember: A Modern Comparison

    Jackie talks about her experience learning Ember after working with React.



Ember Fetch

Now uses yetch and adds support for AbortController.

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Ember CLI Babel

Fixes presets array bug.

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Ember Tether

Updates Ember CLI and adds global aria attribute bindings.

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Ember CP Validations

Updates dependencies, updates validator test blueprints to latest APIs, exports hasValidations decorator for es6 style models, and other bug fixes.

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