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Ember Weekly #2482018-03-28


Watch & Listen

  • Ember NYC - Ed Faulkner on Designing for Learning

    Livestream from Ember NYC meetup with talks from Ed Faulkner, Aaron Sikes, and Zach Moroni.

  • FOSSASIA 2018 - How Ember.js Empowers Open Event Frontend

    Abhinav Khare recounts his experience using Ember.js over other frameworks and elaborates on the efficient usage of resources using JSON API.

  • FOSSASIA 2018 - Data Handling in Open Event Frontend with Ember.js

    Dilpreet Singh details his use of Ember within his latest front end project.

  • Robert Wagner - Ember Inspector Pairing



Torii Azure Ad2 Provider

A torii provider for Azure AD v2 authentication.

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Ember CLI Ghost Spirit

Ember packaged version of Ghost's CSS framework.

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Ember Engines

0.5.16 released  

Now supports Fastboot.

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Ember CLI Mirage

0.4.3 released  

Improves detection of model inverses and fixes a bug related to serializing responses that are both side-loaded and embedded.

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Ember Percy

1.4.0 released  

Adds support for Ember apps that have stripped jQuery.

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Google Maps Markup

2.2.7 released  

Moves distanceUnitId to result from feature and saves distanceUnitId on feature for markup.

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