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Ember CLI Mirage

1.1.3 released   2019-10-09 UPDATED

A client-side server to help you build, test and demo your Ember app

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@Amcharts/Amcharts4 Ember

4.6.9 released   2019-10-09 UPDATED

Ember add-on for AmCharts V4

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Ember Resolver

5.3.0 released   2019-09-25 UPDATED

The default modules based resolver for Ember CLI.

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Ember Exam

4.0.3 released   2019-09-25 UPDATED

Run your tests with randomization, splitting, and parallelization for beautiful tests.

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Ember CLI Htmlbars

4.0.0 released   2019-09-25 UPDATED

A library for adding htmlbars to ember CLI

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Watch & Listen

  • EmberMap Podcast - Side effects aren't declarative. What if they were?

    Sam and Ryan talk more about their recent experience working with React Hooks. They dive into useEffect, talk about how the hooks paradigm encourages UI developers to think about their application's side effects declaratively, discuss whether the paradigm is too much of a departure from real-world stateful UI development, and compare it to working with side effects in Ember applications.

  • EmberMap Podcast - The Weekend Warrior Adoption Hypothesis

    Sam tells Ryan about his recipes side project built with React, GraphQL and Hasura. They chat about how small "magic moments" that developers experience lead to new technologies getting adopted at organizations, how to use Mirage with GraphQL, and why developer experience and user success can trump architectural correctness when it comes to making choices between technologies.

  • EmberMap - On Modifier: A first look

    Learn about the newest – and hopefully last! – way to handle events in Ember. Octane approved.

  • EmberMap - Animating Across Routes with Ember Animated

    Watch Sam add a staggered, across-route transition to EmberMap's frontend codebase.

  • EmberMap Podcast - APIs are about Policy

    Sam and Ryan read and discuss an article by Steven Wittens that explores the nature of HTTP APIs. Wittens argues that in practice, most APIs violate REST, but they do so because APIs are more about policy than they are about empowering clients with access to a data store. He then talks about what our APIs might look like if we embraced this fact, noting that GraphQL doesn't address these crucial issues of policy.

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