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Ember 1.0 RC5 Released

Shortly after RC4 was released, RC5 was hot on its heels. RC5 contains mainly regressions found in RC4 (emberjs.com)

Ember 1.0 RC4 Released

This release included the potentially breaking setupController changes mentioned in the last issue as well as improved route redirection, LinkTo & ember-testing improvements, RSVP promises library update, and more. (emberjs.com)

Ember Data 0.13 Released

This was huge news - the first official release of Ember Data! However, it is still considered alpha and is recommended to only be used in production if you like to live on the bleeding edge and contribute back to the project. (emberjs.com)

Handlebars 1.0.0 Released

Another quick turn around after last weeks RC4 release, Handlebars has now officially hit first stable release. Find out more in the release readme in the repo. (handlebarsjs.com)


Ember Official Getting Started Guide

After a heroic effort by Trek Glowacki, Ember now has a great official resource taking a new developer through building the TodoMVC app. The built in JSBin previews are awesome. (emberjs.com)


Authentication With Ember Apps

Adam Hawkins explains how you'd do token-based authentication using Ember routes. (broadcastingadam.com)

Ember Data Is Pre-Alpha Software

Adam issues a warning that you should be prepared to dig into Ember Data's internals if you're going to use Ember Data today. (broadcastingadam.com)

Building an Ember app with RailsAPI

The popular guide on CRUD apps with Ember and a RailsAPI backend has been updated for Ember RC4 & Ember Data 0.13. (dockyard.com)

Discourse Ember Refactorings

Robin Ward discusses how the Discourse team refactored some anti-patterns that appeared in the Discourse source code to a more idiomatic approach. (meta.discourse.org)

Ember.js and Highcharts

An example of integrating Ember.js with Highcharts. (marceldegraaf.net)


Our app blew Tom Dale’s mind. Help us launch it in the US.

To Be (http://tobe.us) is a new way to collage the Internet. We need an experienced JavaScript developer ready to push the limits of what browsers and the web can be. Come work with us. To Be is written in Ember (front-end) and Rails (back-end). (tobe.us)

Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (emberweekly.com)


Embrace JavaScript by Yehuda Katz

Yehuda Katz presents a great keynote at RailsConf 2013. In it he discusses the evolution of the web & how Rails developers should stop fighting JavaScript and start Embracing the inevitable need for JavaScript in modern web apps. (justin.tv)

Ember Dynamic Tags

An Instructure Lunch.JS lunch & lern, where a jQuery slideshow is re-written using Ember. (youtube.com)


Ember AutoResize

A port of SproutCore's AutoResize functionality for Ember. Provides a mixin to allow views (built-in support for TextField/TextArea) to auto grow depending on content. (paddle8.github.io)


Hacker Hours - Chicago Meetup

4th June, 7:00pm @ Fruition Partners. (meetup.com)


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