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Organizing Data in Long Lived Applications

Robin Ward looks at how client-side frameworks like Ember can change the way data is requested compared to server-side frameworks and how you may want to model your data differently. (eviltrout.com)

User-friendly live collections in Ember.js

Joe Fiorini shows how easy it is to implement an auto-updating collection of live tweets from the twitter api. (joefiorini.com)

Dynamic Binding in Ember.js Using Observers

Using observers to dynamically create a form from JSON data. (spin.atomicobject.com)

Communication Between Controllers in Ember.js

Three ways that controllers can talk to each other in Ember. (madhatted.com)

ASP.NET Single Page Application - Ember.js Template

Ember SPA template is designed to get you started quickly building interactive client-side web apps using Ember & ASP.NET (asp.net)

Hacking with Ember.js

Experiences form a Ember hack day & the resulting applications. (nmecdesign.com)


Ember Data and Magic - SF Meetup

An in-depth look at Ember-Data from Igor Terzic (youtube.com)

Light Up Your Web Apps With Ember.js - SF Meetup

A beginners’ walkthrough by Gabriel Grant (youtube.com)

Flowfeeds - SoCal Meetup

Benjamin Rhodes shows Flowfeeds, built with Ember with Audio/Video player, Drag & Drop, Infinite scroll. slides (youtube.com)

Backburner.js and the Ember Run Loop - SoCal Meetup

Erik Bryn is back again with a talk on making the Ember Run Loop a micro-library and how it works. slides (youtube.com)

Interesting Commits

Async Router API

Alex Matchneer has been doing great work to make the Ember Router API async, fixing common router issues. Summary, examples & demos of changes are in this gist, and open to feedback. (discuss.emberjs.com)

Ember-Testing: chain test helpers

This Ember core commit allows you to chain test helpers for integration testing hawtness! (github.com)

Breaking: Move setting controller's `model` into setupController

This commit fixed the issue that the model property is set in a place that is not easy to override. This may break some applications when RC4 is released, so make sure you understand this change. (github.com)

breaux, where's my defaultContainer?

Information to help aggregate issues and solutions around the defaultContainer deprecation. (gist.github.com)


Ember Mocha Adapter

Teddy Zeenny is working on making Ember-Testing work nicely with Mocha. (github.com)

Ember Start

Another project to help you get your project up and running with Ember. Includes suite of build/development tools care of gruntjs. (github.com)

Ember Calendar

A Calendar component for Ember.js (joinspoton.github.io)

Morpheus - an interactive visual algorithm simulation system

An interactive visual algorithm simulation system for a distributed synchronous network written with Ember. (rkarthick.github.io)

Ember Mongoose

An Ember-Data Mongoose Adapter (github.com)


Intro to Ember.js - Melbourne Meetup

28th May, 6:00pm @ Papercloud HQ. The 1st Melbourne meetup! (meetup.com)

Ember Openhack - Boston Meetup

30th May, 6:00pm @ DevMynd Studios. (meetup.com)

Chicago Meetup

30th May, 6:30pm @ DockYard. Apps are from Mars, Servers are from Venus: Decoupling web apps from app servers by Justin McNally. (meetup.com)


Ember Data Merge Handling

An interesting proposal & discussion by core contributor, Tom Dale, on how to handle conflict between client and server truth. He's looking for your feedback. (discuss.emberjs.com)

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