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Web-client development with Ember.js and Windows Azure Mobile Services

A series of posts [1, 2, 3, 4] showing how to create an Ember app with Windows Azure Mobile Services, including app bootstrapping, data storage & authentication. (blogs.msdn.com)

Observing Enumerables & Arrays with Ember.js

You've likely used observers to run a function when a property changes, Matthew Beale shows us a set of observers that share details about which items in an enumerable or array changed. (madhatted.com)



Embercasts is now out of beta & open to anyone. There are 4 initial screencasts on Ember-Model, Authentication, Emblem & Autocomplete. (embercasts.com)


A four part series covers setting up and configure Ember in a Rails application, how to structure a Rails API to work with Ember Data and how to build a full featured application that showcases routing, models, associations, templates, views, controllers, and more ($20) (metacasts.tv)


Handlebars v1.0.0 RC4

Ember dependency, Handlebars, has been updated with mainly bug fixes. Check out the release notes for more details. (handlebarsjs.com)

Ember Snippets for Sublime Text 2

What it says on the tin...a set of snippet tab triggers for app, controller, helper, mixin, model, object, route, router, store & view. (github.com)

Ember Handlebars for Brunch

Brunch plugin that adds support for pre-compiling Ember Handlebars templates prior to runtime. (github.com)


Emberfest - Early Bird Tickets Ending Soon

28-30th August in Munich, Germany. Early bird tickets end this Monday (20th), so grab your ticket if you haven't already. (emberfest.eu)

Ember Southern California Meetup

21st May, 7:00pm @ Live Nation Labs. Benjamin Rhodes will be showing his OSS app called Flowfeeds & talking about the audio/video player controls, sortable list view, and infinite scroll. (meetup.com)

Ember New York Meetup

23rd May, 7:00pm @ Pivitol Labs. Ember.js contributor Ryan Toronto will present - Prototyping Ember Apps and APIs, as well as several lightning talk slots available (meetup.com)


Embercasts - Source Code

Yo dawg, those crazy Embercast guys heard you like Ember, so they put Ember in your Ember to you can use Ember while you learn Ember! (translation: check out the source, it's written with Ember & ember-model!) (github.com)

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