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Ember-CLI v0.0.35 Released

More enhancements and bug fixes including first pass at ember-addon support, and easier install of ember-data, ic-ajax, firebase and more. (


Authentication for Single Page Apps

Matthew Beale introduces Torii, a authorization service library for your Ember application which makes adding social login a whole lot simpler. (

Wicked Good Ember Summary by Rob Yurkowski

Rob Yurkowski live-blogged his trip to Boston for Wicked Good Ember 2014 and includes summaries of all the talks. (

A Thorough Guide to Ember Data

An impressive deep dive into using Ember Data. Especially worth a read if you're getting started with Ember Data. (

Shared Terminology Yet Different Concepts Between Ember.js and Rails

A nice summary of the differences between the concepts used in Ember and Rails - useful for anyone coming from a Rails background. (

Ember-CLI a Beginner Tutorial

A brief introduction to Ember-CLI, including how to get started. (

Using Ember-CLI and Sinon

A guide to including Sinon in your Ember-CLI based project. (

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A library that integrates Orbit.js with Ember to provide flexibility and control in your application's data layer. (


Emberkit - Alex Speller

Alex gives an introduction to Emberkit, his Ember and Rails code kit to get a Software as a Service application up and running quickly. (


Ember.js Denver

Model relationships, big(ish) data, query params, and more. 24th June, 6:00pm @ Cirro, Denver. (

Ember.js San Francisco

24th June, 6:30pm @ Practice Fusion, San Francisco. (

Ember.js NYC

Hacker Hours: Ember pairs & musical chairs. 24th June, 7:00pm @ SimpleReach, New York. (


24th June, 7:00pm @ Washio Dojo, Santa Monica. (

Ember.js Budapest

Web Components - Ember style. 24th June, 7:00pm @ LogMeIn HQ, Budapest. (

Ember.js Philly

From beginner to advanced with Ember-CLI. 25th June, 6:30pm. (

Chicago Ember.js

Building Chrome Extensions with Ember. 26th June, 6:30pm @ Groupon - 3rd Floor, Chicago. (

Ember.JS SLC

Ember-CLI and Mobile Development with Ember. 26th June, 6:30pm @ Instructure, Salt Lake City. (

Ember.js NYC

Ember Mixins, Authentication with Torii. 26th June, 7:00pm @ Pivotal Labs, New York. (

Ember ATX

26th June, 7:00pm @ The FrontSide, Austin. (


Hackfest at the Beach. 28th June, 10:00am. (

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