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Ember CLI 0.0.29

Ember CLI continues to evolve with further enhancements and bug fixes in this pre-release. (


Getting Started with Ember Data

A nice summary of Ember Data and how to use it. Covers models/records, relationships, stores, adapters/serializers, and more. Also see Andy's Ember Data Model Maker mentioned in the code section. (

Replacing Items in Browser History in Ember.js

Examples of how to use a route's replaceWith method and a link-to's replace=true attribute to modify the browser's last history entry. (

Core Team Meeting Minutes - 2014/06/06

An update on the delayed 1.6/1.7 Beta releases which have been delayed until a module performance regression is fixed and Query Params are ready. (

Awesome Ember.js Form Components

Examples of turning a HTML form into reusable Ember components. (

Setting the document title in Ember.js apps

Jonathan Evans provides his thoughts on Balint Erdi's blog post Setting the Document Title in Ember Apps and an alternative implementation. (

Anatomy of HTMLBars Templates by Martin Muñoz

A close look at how HTMLBars renders the DOM and some of the benefits that this brings compared to the old string concatenation method. (

Ember, Errors, and You

Slides walking through how to handle errors and reporting in Ember apps. (

Ember on Rails

An initial guide to building an Ember app with a Rails JSON API. (

Wicked Good Ember Conf, Boston - 15% discount

Join 150 Emberinos in Boston, June 17th for Wicked Good Ember Conf! We still have some tickets and sponsorship opportunities remaining. Ember Weekly readers get 15% off with the discount code ember-weekly-6542! (


Ember Data Model Maker

A tiny Ember app intended to give a little clarity about what code is needed to get your app up and running with Ember Data. (


Wrapping a jQuery plugin in a Ember.js component by Robin Ward

A quick tutorial to show how easy it is to wrap a jQuery plugin in an Ember component for easy reuse and composition. (

JavaScript Jabber Podcast: The Ember.js Project with Erik Bryn

Core team member Erik Bryn discusses a wide range of Ember topics with the JavaScript Jabber guys, including HTMLbars, web components, Ember-CLI, etc. (

Ember Hot Seat Podcast - EP17: Jo Liss

DeVaris & Jo chat about the Broccoli build tool, the importance of tooling, and getting involved open source. (


STL Ember.js

Advanced Ember and Ember Jeopardy! 9th June, 6:00pm @ Second Street, Saint Louis. (

Ember.js Adelaide

Ember Hackathon and Debugging in Ember. 10th June, 6:00pm @ Hub Adelaide, Adelaide. (

Ember.js Oslo

Ember.js Basics. 11th June, 6:00pm @ Teknologihuset, Oslo. (

London Ember.js User Group

11th June, 6:30pm @ SapientNitro, London. (


Hackfest at the Beach. 14th June, 10:00am. (

Ember.js Bangalore

14th June, 10:00am @ MaaS360 by Fiberlink, Bangalore. (

Ember.js Portland

17th June, 6:30pm @ Tilde Inc, Portland. (

Ember.js Tokyo

18th June, 7:00pm @ Tokyo, Japan. (

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