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Make Your Own Computed Property Macro in Ember.js

We all love the Em.computed macros, here's how to create your own macros. (

You Can't Not Have a Framework

Thoughts by Ryan Florence on the effects of choosing not to use a framework when developing. TL;DR - if you don't use a publicly available framework, then you're likely building your own. (

Tried both #angularjs #emberjs. #angularjs is great, #emberjs is.. jaw-dropping-ly awesome!!!

Daniel Lam explains his reasonings behind the title, explaining why he's using both Ember and Angular. (

Appetizing Components With Broccoli

A look at how Dana Franklin is refactoring Embrella to use Ember.Components using the emberella-component-blueprint project linked in the code section. (

Deploying Ember-CLI and Rails to Heroku

A look at how you can deploy your Ember/Rails application to Heroku using Ember-CLI. (

Ember.js Recipes: Checkboxable Index Pages Using itemController

An example of how to use itemController to control a list of checkboxes in an Ember app. (

Fixture Adapters – Ember.js With No Server

A guide to using the Fixture Adapter with Ember-Data. Note: many of the core developers warn that the fixture adapter can lead to asynchronicity bugs when moving to a production adapter. (

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A starting point for creating new, more portable Ember components. (emberella-cube-component example) (


A simple little initialiser that adds a debug object to your Ember app that provides a bunch of functions that can be useful when developing Ember apps. (


Websockets and Ember Data - Matteo Depalo

An introduction to using Ember Data with websockets/pusher. (code) (

Modern Build Workflows with Broccoli - Jo Liss

An introduction to Broccoli, how to use it, the plugin API and how it integrates with Ember. (

Ember Sparks 11: Refactoring to a Component

An example of refactoring two views so that their shared functionality is contained within a single Ember component. (

Ember.js Simple Shopping Cart System Series

A new video series by CodeLogic walking through building a shopping cart with Ember. (


Ember.js Philly

The State of Ember.js with Andre Malan of SimpleReach. 28th May, 7:00pm @ Tonic Design, Philadelphia. (

Ember.js NYC

Ember & D3. 29th May, 7:00pm @ Pivotal Labs, New York. (

Ember.js Portland

Hacker Hours #1. 29th May, 7:00pm @ Tilde Inc, Portland. (


Hackfest at the Beach. 31st May, 10:00am. (

Ember.js Ottawa

4th June, 6:30pm @ bv02, Ottawa. (


Hackfest at the Beach. 7th June, 10:00am. (

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