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Ember Inspector v1.3.0

Includes a new rendering performance tab with details on how long your views take to render, as well as bug fixes. (


Dependency Injection in Ember.js - Going Deeper

Balint Erdi takes a deep dive into how the container works in Ember, following on from his previous introduction to dependency injection in Ember. (

Angular, Backbone, or Ember: Which is Best for your Build?

A guide to help understand which tool is right for the your task. (

An Introduction to Ember.js

An approachable guide to getting started with Ember. (

From Gulp.js to Ember CLI

An introduction to Ember CLI and how a Gulp.js based project was converted in 4 hours. (

Ember Delivers Rapid Improvements at Intercom

A look at why Intercom decided to migrate their app, written completely in Rails, to use Ember with a Rails API. (

Proposal: Nested URLs for Ember Data’s RestAdapter

A proposal by Igor Terzic to improve support for complex and nested URLs in Ember Data. (

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Unit test helpers for Ember using Jasmine. (


Building JavaScript objects inspired by rosie.js and factory_girl (


Frontside Podcast Ep 4: EmberConf Recap

A discussion on last month's EmberConf, what's going on with components, the current state of testing in Ember and how developers are working towards making it easier. (

The Road to Web Components - Tom Dale

Tom discusses the state of Web Components and how Ember's Components bring many of the features of Web Components to developers today. (slides) (

Status of Ember CLI - Major Breakfast

A talk from May's Ember Munich meetup introducing Ember CLI. It covers some of the latest and upcoming features. (

Ember Query Parameters - Elte Hupkes

A look at the history of query parameters in Ember with a look at the current solution in Ember Canary. (slides) (

Minding the DOM - Oz Lodriguez

Some of the top benefits HTMLBars will bring to Ember. (slides) (

Methods to animate in Ember - Dennis Tel

A quick look at some of the options for animating views in Ember today. (

Adding Pagination with Controllers - Erik Bryn

A short example of adding pagination to long lists by Erik Bryn - from his Ember training sessions. (

Ember Sparks 10: Create and Destroy

The latest Ember Sparks covers creating and destroying a record using Ember Data and promises. (


Ember.js San Francisco

20th May, 6:30pm @ Blurb, San Francisco. (

Ember.js Dublin

May Meetup with Tom Dale and James Rosen. 20th May, 6:30pm @ Engine Yard Offices, Dublin. (

Ember.js NYC

Ember Hacker Hours: Hack in Pairs, Musical Chairs. 20th May, 7:00pm @ SimpleReach, New York. (


20th May, 7:00pm @ Wiredrive, Marina Del Rey. (


21st May, 6:00pm @ Gaslight, Cincinnati. (

London Ember.js User Group

21st May, 6:30pm @ SapientNitro, London. (

Ember.JS SLC

Hack Night. 22nd May, 6:30pm @ Instructure, Salt Lake City. (

Ember ATX

22nd May, 7:00pm @ The FrontSide, Austin. (

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