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Ember 1.6.0 Beta 3

This release includes many bug fixes and some minor new features. (


Dependency Injection in Ember.js - First Steps

Balint Erdi introduces Dependency Injection and how it's used in Ember. (

Embular: Comparing Ember and Angular

A well written blog series by Ben Lesh of Netflix on his experiences with both Ember and Angular. (

Building Desktop Apps with Ember and Node-Webkit

A nice look at building the Nitrous desktop app with Ember and node-webkit, including sample code. (

Creating A Metrics Dashboard With Ember.js, Bootstrap, and Rails

A multi-part walkthrough on how to build a Geckoboard style dashboard with Ember and Rails. (code) (

Playing with Orbit.js and Ember.js

An exploration of rolling your own data persistence for an Ember application. (

Don't override init

Brian Cardarella discusses the danger of overriding the init, calling this.super() and how you can use the .on('init') event to avoid issues. (

Ever thought about how Google reads Ember.js websites?

We have. Google can't normally index Ember.js sites. We fix that for you, and we'll walk you though the setup. (



WAI-ARIA accessible autocomplete component (combobox) for Ember. (

Alert messages in Ember Apps

A technique to send a general UI alert message from anywhere in an Ember application. (

Full Stack JS Amber

A full JavaScript stack boilerplate designed to get you going quickly. Based on the MEAN.js stack, it uses Express, MongoDB and Ember. It uses a REST architecture with example CRUD and user authentication. (


Help us build cutting edge mobile solutions using Ember

Q2 is a young and fast growing company developing a unified desktop, tablet, and mobile (Android / iOS) set of banking applications. Our UX apps are written using Ember, HTML5 and CSS3. (


EmberConf: The Unofficial, Official Ember Testing Guide - Eric Berry

This great talk from EmberConf 2014 on testing your Ember application was somehow missed from last weeks issue - a must watch. (

Prototyping An Ember.js App In 20 Minutes

Erik Bryn shows just how easy it is to build a radio streaming application with Ember. This presentation is comprised entirely of live code. (

Mastering Ember.js

The video series which introduces the core concepts of Ember is now up to 20 short videos, covering everything from the router, models, helpers, data bindings, observers and much more. (

répondez, s’il vous plaît – a deep dive into Ember Promise/RSVP

A talk from Instructure's April Ember Tech Talks where Daniel Dunkley discussed Promises & RSVP.js. (slides) (

Joe Fiorini on Ember CLI

A detailed walkthrough of Ember CLI from the April's EmberNati meetup. (


STL Ember.js

5th May, 6:00pm @ Second Street, Saint Louis. (


Ember Hack Night. 5th May, 6:30pm @ Papercloud HQ, Melbourne. (

Ember.js Ottawa

Ember Ottawa Re-launch: An Introduction to Ember. 7th May, 6:30pm @ bv02, Ottawa. (

Boston Ember.js Group

8th May, 6:30pm @ Brightcove, Boston. (

Ember.js Budapest

8th May, 7:00pm @ DBX Iroda, Budapest. (


Hackfest at the Beach. 10th May, 10:00am. (

Ember.js Brussels

15th May, 8:00pm @ Salle Fénix at Betacowork / ICAB, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels. (

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