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How to build a realtime chatting app with Firebase and Ember.js from Scratch

A thorough guide to using Firebase to build a realtime application with Ember. (

Master Your Modals In Ember.js

New kid on the block, @EmberGuru, provides an in-depth guide to using Bootstrap modals with Ember Components. (

Things I wish someone had told me when I was learning Ember.js

Tips & tricks picked up by Landon Noss while learning Ember. (

The number one reason to build a javascript application: fast feedback

A quick benchmark comparing selenium style integration tests vs ember-testing integration tests. (

File Uploads in Ember.js

Ryan Tablada shows how to do file uploads by programatically creating DOM element. (

Ember.js sessions without injections

An example of how to build simple authentication in Ember without using injections. (

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EmberShare - Real-time Ember

Ember-Share is an attempt to solve data persistence in an Ember application, it relies on ShareJS, a battle tested operational transforms library. (


The Angular.js PhoneCat tutorial app written in Ember. (


EmberConf and the State of Ember.js

A summary of EmberConf and an overview of recent happenings in the world of Ember by Jamie White & Matteo Depalo at Ember London. (

Making the Pieces Fit

Paul Doerwald discusses how an Ember application is put together and the responsibility of each distinct piece. (

Ember Functions, Computed Properties, Observers and More

Deric Abel introduces the aforementioned Ember tools at Ember Salt Lake City. (

Binding to Twitter Bootstrap with Ember

An Ember Salt Lake City talk by Brett Valentine on integrating Bootstrap with Ember. (source) (

Using TDD to Tame the Big Ball o' Mud

Brandon Hays shows how you can refactor old jQuery spagetti-code into a clean Ember app using Ember Components and Test Driven Development. (

Ember Sparks 7: Transferring to Ember App Kit

Jeffrey Biles continues to show how to migrate his Ember application to using Ember App Kit. (

Moving A Traditional Rails/ jQuery App to Ember.JS

A talk about how Sourcery transitioned from a large jQuery code base to a faster, easier to maintain, tested Ember app. (


Ember.js San Francisco

29th April, 6:30pm @ Heroku, Penthouse, San Francisco. (

Ember.js NYC

Hacker Hours: Ember pairing musical chairing! 29th April, 7:00pm @ Movable Ink, New York. (


29th April, 7:00pm @ General Assembly, Santa Monica. (

Ember.js Seattle

Let's talk about testing and the Ember-CLI with Stefan Penner. 30th April, 6:30pm @ Urbanspoon, Seattle. (

STL Ember.js

5th May, 6:00pm @ Second Street, Saint Louis. (

Ember.js Ottawa

Ember Ottawa Re-launch: An Introduction to Ember. 7th May, 6:30pm @ bv02, Ottawa. (

Amsterdam Ember.js

7th May, 7:00pm @ Amsterdam, Netherlands (

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