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Ember 1.5.0

This release includes many bug fixes as well as features such as - routes now inherit a parent's model by default and Ember.AutoLocation. Also note a breaking change bug fix for Ember.run.throttle which now now supports leading edge execution. (github.com)

Ember-CLI v0.0.20

Ember-CLI was officially announced by Stefan Penner at EmberConf this week. It's a command line tool, built on Broccoli, with goal of making project bootstrapping and build pipeline easier and faster. It's till under heavy development so expect breaking changes. (github.com)

EmberConf 2014: Summaries

EmberConf picks up where the Rails community left off

A feel good write-up from Dockyard's Brian Cardarella on the inclusive community spirit demonstrated at EmberConf and how the Ember community it setting standards. (reefpoints.dockyard.com)

EmberConf Notes by Kurt MacDonald

A collection of notes from each session from EmberConf 2014. (github.com)

Sketched Notes by Michael Chan

If you followed the #EmberConf tweets during the week you'll likely have seen the brilliant sketched notes by Michael Chan. They can now all be viewed on together on his website. (chantastic.io)

EmberConf Talks Summary by Allison Sheren

Allison gives a concise summary post for nearly all of the talks from both EmberConf days. (allisonsherenmcmillan.blogspot.ca)

EmberConf Highlights by Herman Radtke

Brief summary notes of some of some of the highlights from EmberConf 2014. (hermanradtke.com)

EmberConf Wrap Up by Justin Ball

Another glowing review of the Ember community and the problems it's solving. (justinball.com)


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EmberConf 2014: Slides

EmberConf 2014 Keynote - Tom Dale & Yehuda Katz

An update on the state of Ember, how you can think about most web applications as a series of screens and flows — and how Ember makes you super productive at building them. (speakerdeck.com)

Mr. Router embraces the Controller - Alex Matchneer

Alex discusses the state of query params, the model dependent state, and the subtleties of the route vs controller paradigm. (speakerdeck.com)

Animations and Transitions - Edward Faulkner

Edward shows reusable, well-encapsulated techniques for animations that play well with integration tests, and give native-app-like performance on mobile devices. (ef4.github.io)

Ember Components Transclude My Directives - John K. Paul

A look at some of the key principles in Angular and their equivalents in Ember. (johnkpaul.github.io)

Using Ember to Make the Seemingly Impossible Easy - Heyjin Kim & Andre Malan

Covers techniques of using Ember.Component to encapsulate code and some other tips and hacks. (speakerdeck.com)

The {{x-foo}} in You - Ryan Florence

A close look at Ember Components and some of the cool things you can do with them. (github.com)

Contributing to Ember - Robert Jackson

An introduction on how to start contributing to Ember - covering feature flags, release cycle, commit prefixing and documentation. (speakerdeck.com)

The Unofficial, Official Ember Testing Guide - Eric Berry

A nice overview of how to test your Ember application. (speakerdeck.com)

Controlling Route Traversal with Flows - Nathan Hammond

A review of a tree-shaped state machine implementation of moving around inside of an application along a scripted flow that loads any information it needs from the Ember resolver. (dropbox.com)

Performance in Ember Apps - Matthew Beale

A look at what slows down Ember applications and single-page applications in general. (madhatted.com)

Broccoli - Jo Liss

An introduction to Broccoli from it's creator, Jo Liss. Broccoli is the build tool of choice for Ember-CLI. (slideshare.net)

Convergent/Divergent - Christopher Meiklejohn

A look at how Ember Data is trying to solve a problem of distributed computing. (speakerdeck.com)


Property Path Patterns in Ember.js

A nice walkthrough with examples of where you can use property paths in an Ember application. (balinterdi.com)

Authentication with Ember-Rails

A guide to setting up an ember-rails application using Devise for authentication. (kbarrett.com)

Nested run loops and autoruns

A deep dive into some of the internal of the Ember Run loop. (mmun.ghost.io)

String Templating Considered Harmful

Not specific to Ember but covers some of the disadvantages of string templating like handlebars. It also covers why newer solutions like Ember's HTMLBars will greatly improve performance. (flippinawesome.org)


PR Dashboard

A pull requests reviewing tool build on top of Rails for the backend service, and Ember for the front-end framework. (github.com)

Mogo Chat

An open source team chat application build with Elixir and Ember. (getmogochat.com)


Unit test helpers for Ember. This is the library mentioned in Eric Berry's EmberConf testing talk. (github.com)


Ember.js Budapest

1st April, 8:00pm @ DBX Iroda, Budapest. (meetup.com)

Ember.js NYC

EmberConf post game. 31st March, 8:00pm @ Movable Ink, New York. (meetup.com)

STL Ember.js

7th April, 7:00pm @ Second Street, Saint Louis. (meetup.com)

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