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Ember Data Progress Update

A must read if you're an Ember Data user or waiting for it to stabilize. There's a new focus on a standard interchange format between client/server (JSON API), no more BasicAdapter, regular beta's coming soon. (emberjs.com)


Mentioned in the Ember Data Progress Update but warrants it's own headline. The standard interchange format being defined for conventional communication between client/server. Work in progress and open to feedback. (jsonapi.org)


Getting Into Ember.js: Part 4

The 4th part of the series [1,2,3] looks more closely at how Ember uses the Handlebars templating framework to define your app's user interface. (net.tutsplus.com)

Backbone, Ember and Angular in a boat

A beautiful presentation comparing Backbone.js, Ember.js & Angular.js. (Slides content are English) (loicfrering.github.io)

How and why Ember Data breaks

An overview of Ember Data & why it seems broken to some developers. (thomasboyt.com)


Applications: A Series of States - by Trek Glowacki

An exploration of application structure patterns, from purely server oriented request/response flow to fully featured client applications in the browser and how Ember assists with client applications. (vimeo.com)

Introducing Ember.ListView - by Erik Bryn @ Seattle Meetup

Erik covers why & when you might need ListView and how you use it. Some Interesting performance talk too. (youtube.com)


Ember Timetree

Visualize hierarchical timeline data using Ember & D3.js. (crowdstrike.github.io)

Announcing Charcoal, the easiest way to create Ember projects

An alternative Yeoman generator for Ember. Uses Trek's grunt-neuter for file concatenation. (gist.github.com)

backburner.js - Ember's Run Loop micro-library

Erik Bryn has split out Ember's Run Loop into a separate framework-agnostic micro-library. Will be replacing current Ember Run Loop soon. (github.com)

Ember Model - REST & Firebase Adapters

Hot of the back of the Ember Data announcements, Erik Bryn has updated Ember Model with a RESTAdapter & a Firebase Adapter. (github.com)


A simple grunt task to get you going with Ember - creates a folder structure, compiles templates & provides express server. (github.com)

Live Reload Handlebars Templates

Mentioned in Sam Saffron's blog post, Eliminating my trivial inconveniences building Discourse, Bradley Priest extracts a snippet to reload your Ember Handlebars templates from the console. (gist.github.com)


Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (emberweekly.com)


Ember.js Hacker Hours - New York Meetup

7th May, 6:00pm @ Red Rover. If you're in NYC, pop in to get help, give help, and hack. An informal session to allow people to work on their Ember projects, and ask & answer questions. (meetup.com)

Ember Hack Night - Southern California Meetup

7th May, 6:30pm @ Collab Space. Food, drinks and work on your Ember related projects. (meetup.com)

Ember Paris Meetup

7th May, 7:30pm. Yehuda Katz will be making a special guest appearance. (meetup.com)

Glasgow.js User Group

7th May @ Strathclyde University. Paul Cowan will be presenting 'Ember.js - The educated javascript MV* choice'. (glasgowjs.com)

Ember Boston Meetup

8th May, 6:30pm. Alex Navasardyan will give an introduction to Ember List-View & Dan McClain will cover Ember Basics. (meetup.com)



A quick snippet to add the Konami Code easter egg to you application. (gist.github.com)

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