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In Defence of Frameworks: Why Ember Is Proud To Be One

A keynote from Fluent 2014 by Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale where they discuss what defines a framework compared to libraries (e.g Backbone) and toolsets (e.g. Angular), and how a framework helps the developer. (

Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale interviewed at Fluent 2014

After the Defence of Frameworks talk Yehuda & Tom sat down for an interview with Brian McDonald to discuss their thoughts in a bit more detail. (


Views Over Components - An Ember Refactoring Story

A look at how converting your views to be reusable components can simplify your application. (

Meet Ember.js: Not Just Another JS Framework

Nice slides introducing Ember and its concepts. By Miguel Camba at BarcelonaJS. (

Client-side Auth with Ember.js

Slides that walkthrough authenticating users with Facebook and Windows Live Oauth by using dependency injection, dependency lookup, promises, and routing hooks in Ember. (

Building an App with Ember App Kit - Part 1

First in a series of posts walking through building a simple CRUD app with Ember, Ember Data, and Ember App Kit & Rails API. (

Computed Property for All Keys of an Object

How to create a computed property that recomputes if any of an objects properties change by dynamically evaluating an objects properties. (

Building a Mobile-friendly Web App Using Ember.js and jQuery Mobile

A walkthrough of how to make jQuery Mobile play nice with Ember. (

[Ember.js] Implement Autoscrolling in a Chat Room

An small example of using Ember.View to handle autoscrolling in a chat application. (


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Ember Class Tree

Brian Cardarella has put together an awesome JSBin to visualize Ember's classes and inheritance. Includes Ember Data and filtering. (


A simple example of using Ink Filepicker with Ember.js by Max Minkoff. (


Store your Ember application data with Hoodie. (


HTMLBars, the future of templating in Ember.js

Erik Bryn introduces HTMLBars to the Ember NYC meetup. He discusses the future of the Ember view layer including performance improvements, animation support and server-side rendering for improved SEO support. (

Ember Controller versus ObjectController

Cory Forsyth discusses the difference between a standard Ember.Controller and an Ember.ObjectController. (


Janessa Det shows how she built the website using Ember at Ember NYC. (

Ember Sparks 2: Switching to Ember Data

A short example of how to use Ember Data in your application using the bloggr client to demonstrate. ( at Seattle Ember Meetup

Lance Harper shows how his team put together the new Ember version of at the Seattle meetup. (

Using Persistent Data Structures with Ember.js by Jamie White

Jaime explores how using immutable data trees in Ember could work, and the advantages that it could bring. (

Architecting for the Enterprise by Thomas Cowell

A talk from the Ember London User Group discussing when a single-page application, like those built with Ember, are the right and wrong solution. (

Ghostalk Episode 3 - Ember with Taras Mankovski

A podcast about the Ghost open source blogging platform, which recently decided to migrate their admin UI to Ember. This episode has special guest Taras Mankovski aka EmberSherpa. (


Ember.js San Francisco

18th March, 7:30pm @ Pivotal Labs, San Francisco. (


Hack Night. 18th March, 7:30pm @ Neudesic, Irvine. (

Ember.JS DC

Ember-Data. 18th March, 7:30pm @ Offices of Resonate Insights, Reston. (


19th March, 7:00pm @ Gaslight, Cincinnati. (

Ember.js Munich

19th March, 8:00pm @ Scoreloop, München. (

NEW: Ember DC

Lightning Talks - inaugural meetup. 20th March, 7:00pm @ WeWork, Washington, DC. (

Ember.js Pittsburgh

CoffeeScript + User Auth patterns. 20th March, 8:00pm @ Revv Oakland, Pittsburgh. (

New Toronto Meetup Group

The Toronto Ember Meetup now has a group on (


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