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Sorting Arrays in Ember.js by Various Criteria

A walkthrough of sorting arrays using an `ArrayController'ssortPropertiesandsortAscendingproperties, as well as the usefulEmber.computed.sort`` macro. (

JWT based authentication with Ember.js and Rails

A walkthrough of implementing token based authentication in Ember & Rails using JSON web tokens (JWT). (

Core Team Meeting Minutes - 2014/02/28

Topics covered: Ghost choose Ember, Es6ifying core, new PRs/issues. Pending Features: ember-routing-named-substates = blocked, ember-handlebars-caps-lookup = requires work, ember-routing-add-model-option = it’s a go. (

A Simple Ember Data Route

A short example of how to properly handle the teardown of an Ember Data model in your new and edit routes. (

A currentUser Helper for Ember Routes

An example of how to make the current user available in your routes using mixins. (

A Sprinkling of Ember

A look at how you can use Ember on a static web page, like a blog. (

Presenting the Ember.js Library for Kinvey

An introduction to an Ember library to interface with your Kinvey backend. (

Ever thought about how Google reads Ember.js websites?

We have. Google can't normally index Ember.js sites. We fix that for you, and we'll walk you though the setup. (



Build cross-platform desktop apps using Ember.js. (


An accessible menu component for ember applications by Instructure. (


WAI-ARIA accessible tab component for Ember.js by Instructure. (


Custom Adapters for Ember Data

A short (~3 mins) screencast introducing Custom Adapters in Ember Data. (


Ember.js Adelaide

Ember Data Workshop for Beginners. 11th March, 7:00pm @ Hub Adelaide. (


11th March, 8:00pm @ Papercloud HQ, Melbourne. (

Chicago Ember.js

Ghost Admin refactor with Ember.js. 12th March, 7:00pm @ Sprout Social, Chicago. (

London Ember.js User Group

12th March, 7:30pm @ SapientNitro, London. (

NEW: Amsterdam Ember.js

1st Amsterdam Ember.js meetup. 12th March, 8:00pm. (

Boston Ember.js Group

Hack Meetup. 13th March, 7:00pm @ DockYard, Boston. (


13th March, 8:00pm @ Viadeo, Paris. (

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