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Ember and the future of the web

An excellent write-up by Brandon Hays on how web development is changing and frameworks like Ember are positioned to turn the browser in to a real application runtime. Well worth a read. (

Ghost: "Hello Ember"

The popular Open Source Blogging Platform, Ghost, will re-write their Backbone Admin UI using Ember. After much discussion in the OS community, the Ghost team explain why they chose Ember over Angular, React and Backbone + Marionette. (


Core Team Meeting Minutes - 2014/02/21

Topics covered: Old Stack Overflow questions & Es6ifying core. Pending Features: ember-testing-simple-setup = revert, query-params-new = not ready. (

Getting started with Broccoli and Ember.js

A walkthrough getting an Ember project up and building with the new Broccoli build tool. (

A Common Resource Route Pattern in Ember.js

A look at how to DRY up your routes setup in certain use cases. (

Know your routes in Ember.js

A post which illustrates the difference between the Application route and the ApplicationIndex route through a redirect example. (

Deploy an Ember.js App on Heroku

An example of how to deploy an Ember application to Heroku using Node.js & Express to server the app. (

Ember.js with a Separate Rails API

This post shares thoughtbot's experiences building an Ember application using Rails as the server-side API and a Rails project to manage the Ember app. (

Cross-browser AJAX uploads with Ember.js and mOxie

A guide to using the mOxie library to support cross-browser uploads. (demo) (


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Broccoli Plugins

Although still in its infancy, many have already jumped on the new "build tool" by Jo Liss creating a load of plugins. Broccoli is set to be part of the future Ember CLI tool. (


A plugin to integrate your Ember app with a (mostly stock) Devise setup (

Watch/Listen Lives!

You can now find previously featured EmberDump videos by Alex Matchneer & Cory Forsyth in one location. (

Getting Started with ember-rails-template

A screencast on using ember-rails-template - a Rails template to help configure a Rails project with ember-rails. (


Ember.js Seattle

Ember and NBC News. 6th March, 6:30pm @ Columbia Center, Seattle. (

Saint Louis Ember.js

6th March, 7:00pm @ Second Street, Saint Louis. (

NEW: Ember.js Tokyo

A brand new Ember meetup in Tokyo, Japan - 18th March, 7:00pm. (

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