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Ember 1.4.0 And 1.5 Beta Released

New features in v1.4 include property brace expansion,, with controller and lazily bound attributes. (


Run Loop Guide

Ember now has official guide documentation on the mystical run-loop, thanks to Brendan Briggs. (

Testing Ember Apps With Venus

Chad Hietala looks at writing Ember tests using Mocha, Venus test runner and Ember's container for dependency injection. (

Custom Ember Computed Properties

A guide to creating your own Em.computed property. (

Structure of an Ember app

A diagram illustrating the structure of an Ember app. (

Using Ember’s PromiseProxyMixin with ArrayController

A nice summary of using Ember.PromiseProxyMixin to automatically set a controller’s content to the resolved value of the promise. (

2-Way Data Binding under the Microscope

A close look at what 2-way binding gives you, and how it differs in 3 implementations: Angular, Ember and Joosy. (

Extinguish the Fire with Ember.js

Slides introducing Ember, it's high-level features, it's pros & cons, and roadmap. (

Ever thought about how Google reads Ember.js websites?

We have. Google can't normally index Ember.js sites. We fix that for you, and we'll walk you though the setup. (


Ember Hook Order Example

A JSBin to illustrate the order of each Ember route hook (by Robert Jackson). (


Template for building a JavaScript Web application with Ember.js and Express. (


Github like mention autocomplete where you type @someone and an autosuggest box appears. (


Emberdump: Transition promises, redirects

A quick (16min) video by core team member Alex Matchneer on how to perform post-transition logic in your app using redirect-following transitions. (

Emberdump: POJOs vs Ember Objects, Ember.get

Another quick (10min) video by Alex to demonstrate that Ember objects and plain old javascript objects (pojos) aren't too different. Also see the continuation of Ember.set & pojos. (

Iterating through Ember Data - Ken Snyder

A look at iterating through an Ember Data model to create custom UI elements from any given model property and it's types. (

Integrating Ember.js into Existing Sites - James Croft

James shows how he used Ember to build a component of his website instead of a full single page application. (


Ember.js San Francisco

18th February, 6:30pm @ Yahoo!, Sunnyvale. (


18th February, 6:30pm @ CrowdStrike, Irvine, CA 92618. (

Boston Ember.js Group

Lightning Talks. 20th February, 6:30pm @ Brightcove, Boston. (

Ember.js Pittsburgh

Ember Build tools + Coffee script and Ember. 20th February, 7:00pm @ Revv Oakland, Pittsburgh. (

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