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Ember 1.4 Beta 3 Available

Support for jQuery versions 1.11 and 2.1 and improved documentation. (


Core Team Meeting Minutes - 2014/01/17

The team look at the pending pull requests and the work needed to get them into the next builds. (


Promises Instead of Callbacks

Balint Erdi walks through the conversion of an app to use promises in it's server communication. (

Containers & Dependency in Ember.js

Learn how to use Ember’s container and dependency features to move beyond MVC, as well as learning how they tie Ember internals together. (

Why I Chose Ember over Angular

Alex Brinkman gives his reasons for choosing Ember over of Angular. (

Custom Link-to Refactor

A follow up post to last week's post where Paul Cowan covers issues that he ran into with the original implementation. (

HTMLBars by Erik Bryn

Erik gave a sneak preview of HTMLBars at the latest San Francisco meetup. Also check out for more details on how HTMLBars works. (

Barcelona Ember.js: Kick off summary

A summary and links from the first Barcelona Ember meetup. (


Ember.SimpleAuth v0.1.0 released

In a major step towards v1 stability this latest version brings significant changes, including the extraction of everything specific to specific authentication/authorization mechanisms (e.g. the default OAuth 2.0 implementation) into strategy classes. (

ic-ajax v0.3.0 released

An Ember-friendly jQuery.ajax wrapper. In this release it gains promise labels for easier debugging in the upcoming the Ember Inspector. (


[TDD] Testing Your Ember Applications - Eric Berry

Eric Berry covers how to test your Ember apps, including how to mock your objects and test asynchronous code at the January Salt Lake City Ember Meetup. (slides) (

The Ember Run Loop - Jason Madsen

Jason Madsen covers the internals of the Ember Run Loop, a core part of what makes Ember amazing at the January Salt Lake City Ember Meetup. (slides) (

AirPair: A custom Ember link-to helper with Erik Bryn & Jared Grippe

A 2-hour deep dive into a custom Ember.js link-to helper with Erik Bryn & Jared Grippe. (

Ember & OAuth - Matthew Rudy Jacobs

A short tour of OAuth on the client side from the January Ember London meetup. (

Modular UI with (Angular || Ember) - Andy Appleton

Although Angular focused, Andy discusses how GoCardless architected their UI re-design with the concet of components. From the January Ember London meetup. (

Ember Parallel - Ben Gillies

Ember is designed for building large scale apps, but for truly large scale, with large amounts amounts of data, we need something extra: Threads. A talk from the January Ember London meetup. (


Ember.JS DC

New Year’s Resolution – Jump Start your Ember App. 28th January, 6:30pm @ Offices of Resonate Insights, Reston. (

Ember.js NYC

Ember Hacker Hours: freestyle for beginners. 28th January, 7:00pm @ SimpleReach, New York. (


January Meet. 28th January, 7:00pm @ York Butter Factory, Melbourne. (

Boston Ember.js Group

OpenHack: January 30, 2014. 30th January, 6:30pm @ DockYard, Boston. (


Announcing Nitrous Desktop for Mac

Not only do Nitrous use Ember for their web app but also for their Mac Desktop app. (

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