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Hey you,

It's been a whole week already. Here's some of the stuff that's been going down while you've been upgrading to RC3...


Modern Ember.js Application Workflow with Yeoman and Mocha

A comprehensive guide to working with Ember using Yeoman. Covers bootstrapping, package management, building & testing. (tech.pro)

Ember.js + Rails

Discusses some of the gotchas you may encounter when creating an Ember app with Rails::API, Ember-Data & ActiveModel::Serializers. (josh.minzner.org)

Google Analytics in Ember.js Applications

A simple repeatable example using a mixin to track page views in your Ember application with Google Analytics. (garthpoitras.com)

Creating Computed Macros in ember.js

The recent computed macros added to Ember are very useful. Paul Cowan illustrates their power & shows you how to write your own macros. (thesoftwaresimpleton.com)

Ember.js Initializers

This was posted at the beginning of the month but it was re-tweeted by someone this week so thought I'd share. A nice little introduction to Ember Initializers. (nerdyworm.com)

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Help support Ember Weekly by sponsoring a future issue. Promote your Ember related product or service. Reply to this email for more info. (emberweekly.com)


Ember 101

Ryan Florence has added 3 more bite-sized screencasts on Two-way Data Binding, Adding Objects to a List & Nested and Index Routes. (ember101.com)

Ember JS Testing Made Easy and Fast! by Erik Bryn - Seattle Meetup

Ember JS integration testing is now built into Ember. This introduction will give you all the information you need to get started. Example code from bloggr testing fork. (youtube.com)

Ember RSS Reader live coded from scratch by Gordon L. Hempton - Seattle Meetup

Gordon live codes an Ember RSS Reader App from scratch. Notably he shows how Ember's strong name conventions creates a folder & file structure you would expect in a well crafted application. You will also see how nested routes create an intuitive UI. (youtube.com)



Everything you need to build an Ember.js app and deploy to Heroku in under 5 minutes by Erik Bryn. (github.com)

EmberGen: Tool for creating robust applications

An opinionated tool for your Ember app workflow. Includes scaffolding, template pre-compilation, generators, commonjs modules, and more. (discuss.emberjs.com)

Yeoman Ember Generator Updated to RC3

The Yeoman generator for Ember has been updated to use RC3 starter kit. (github.com)


A Moment.js based Ember datepicker. demo (github.com)

Ember Data - Basic Adapter Example

Tom Dale has started an example of how to use Ember Data's new Basic Adapter. Still very early. (github.com)


Toran Billups Django REST adapter has been updated to Ember RC3. (github.com)


Rails as backend, EmberJS as frontend, Brunch as assembler, Coffeescript as syntactic sugar for javascript, Twitter-Bootstrap for UI styling. (github.com)

Ember List View build now pushed to builds.emberjs.com

Passing builds of Ember list-view are now automatically being pushed to S3. (builds.emberjs.com)


Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (emberweekly.com)



17th May, 9:00am @ SLC Library, Salt Lake City. Tom Dale will be presenting Building URL-Driven Apps with Ember.js & Ryan Florence will be presenting I'm Sick of the Web: Ember's Healing Balm at the 2nd Annual Utah JavaScript Conference. (lanyrd.com)

Toronto Ember.js Meetup

2nd May, 7:00pm @ Unspace. Sign up to the mailing list for more details. (www.torontoemberjs.com)

Embergarten - Toronto

18th & 19th May @ The Foundery. A paid weekend bootcamp for both aspiring ember.js developers and emberists looking to level-up. It was announced this week that Yehuda Katz will be present. (unspace.ca)

Ember.js: Introductory Training - London

17th & 18th October @ London, UK. A paid 2 day introductory Ember training course by @joachimhs. (lanyrd.com)



A Point of Sale using Ember JS, Ember Data, and Rails as the JSON API. demo (github.com)

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