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Core Team Meeting Minutes - 2013/12/20

The topics discussed in last weeks meeting include build tools, Ember Data, query params, and pods. (


Ember 1.3.0 Beta 4 Available

Not too much to note in this release but we should see 1.3.0 released next week. (Bonus: checkout the cool new release cycle visualization on the beta page). (


Notes on HTMLBars by Yehuda Katz

HTMLBars will be the new templating engine behind Ember in future versions. Yehuda outlines some of the improvements in this gist, including no more metamorph tags (yay!), improved binding syntax, more powerful helpers and sub-expressions. (

How the DS.Adapter works in Ember Data

A small gist by Yehuda Katz which explains how the simple DS.Adapter works in Ember Data. (

Proposal: Unspecified this.route() models default to parent resource

A proposal by core team member Alex Matchneer to make a child this.route() without a model hook default to the parent's model. What do you think? (

Simple Property Enum Cycling in Ember

An example of how to cycle between multiple values in Ember. (code) (

Backbone or Angular or Ember? Here is my choice and why

Martin Genev goes through his journey of picking an MVC framework, starting with Backbone, moving to Angular and ending up with Ember. (

Loading Animations With Asynchronous Models In Ember.js

A technique for handling the asynchronous loading of model relationships. Also, if you're looking at implementing loading states, check out the loading substates added in Ember v1.2.0. (


Events and Actions by Luke Melia

Luke Melia does a deep dive into Events and Actions in Ember at the Boston meetup. (

Tom Dale on Ember and JavaScript Frameworks

An interview with Ember core team member Tom Dale from QCon. Topics include Ember and other MVC frameworks, the Ember Inspector, progressive enhancement, life as an open source contributor, and more. (

Ember.js Advanced Patterns

Paul Chavard discusses advanced techniques for building large EmberJS applications with Ember Data. From EmberFest 2013. (



An autocomplete component for Ember.js using typeahead.js. (


Boston Ember.js Group

Ember.js for Rails Devs. 2nd January, 6:00pm @ DockYard, Boston. (

Boston Ember.js Group

Ember.js for Rails Devs. 8th January, 6:00pm @ DockYard, Boston. (

Chicago Ember.js

January Ember.js meetup. 8th January, 6:30pm @ Workbridge Associates, Chicago. (

Toronto Meetup

9th January, 7:00pm @ Pharmacy, Toronto. (

I'm testing out a Friday/Saturday release cycle for the next few issues. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.
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