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Ember 1.2.0 and 1.3 Beta (Officially) Released

The official blog post for the release of 1.2 and the latest 1.3 beta. 1.2 includes new Loading & Error Substates, non-blocking form {{link-to}} helper, sortBy and other improvements. (


Why we use D3 and Ember for Data Visualization

A nice summary of how D3 & Ember play nicely together. A nice publish date related easter egg too (can you spot it before the unviel?!) (

Practical Abstraction in Ember.js

A look at some of the less widely discussed tools that Ember provides to build you applications. Includes Ember.computed macros, inheritance, injection, mixins, computed property generators. (

Formatted Text Fields in Ember.js

An example of automatically formatting the value of a text field. It's also worth checking out the resulting Twitter conversation with Luke Melia & Trek Glowacki which has some interesting pointers, such as using computed property setters, utilising input as a component to remove the helper and focusOut event. (


Kasper Tidemann takes a closer look at the power of Em.arrayComputed to enable you to control what happens before an object is either added to an array or removed from one. (

Embereños: Uģis Ozols

Weekly interviews with real people using ember. This week's interview is with Uģis Ozols. (

Yeoman Ember - The Missing Tutorial

A introduction to using Yeoman and its Ember generators. (

ES6 modules and EmberJS: a taste of the future (part 1)

A quick introduction to ES6 Modules and how to use them with Ember App Kit. (

Don't struggle to figure out SEO for your Ember.js app

BromBone takes care of it for you. We render html snapshots of your pages that Google can read. Learn more about how you can get your Ember.js pages listed in Google. (


JavaScript Jabber: Ember.js & Discourse with Robin Ward

Robin Ward of Discourse joins the JavaScript Jabber team to chat about Discourse and Ember, including Ember performance, Components and Angular. (

Moving from Angular to Ember

A talk from the Seattle meetup discussing why chose Ember over Angular. (

Insights from Using Ember.js in the Field

Stefan Fochler shares best practices on using Ember.js to master the needs of real-world web applications, discussing what worked well and what didn't. (


Instructure's ic-styled

Automatically style components with css templates. (

Ember App Kit Rails

More updates to support Ember App Kit for the Asset Pipeline. (


Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (


Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel Meetup

8th December, 6:15pm @ Google Tel Aviv (Electra Tower). (

San Juan, Puerto Rico Meetup

10th December, 6:00pm @ Blimp HQ. (

London Meetup

11th December, 6:30pm @ SapientNitro. (

Boston Meetup

12th December, 6:30pm @ Brightcove. (

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