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Ember 1.2.0 released

Features include: support for nested loading/error substates, components/helpers registered on the container can be rendered in templates via their dasherized names, non-block form link-to helper, Handlebars v1.1 support and bug fixes. (changelog) (

Ember 1.3.0 Beta 1 Available

Mainly bug fixes and Ember Testing improvements. (changelog) (

Ember Inspector fo Firefox

The popular tool for debugging your Ember applications is also available on Firefox as well as Chrome. (


Internationalization Support in Ember.js

A guide to using i18n-js to support multiple languages in your Ember application. (

Testing Ember.js applications with Konacha

A detailed look at testing an Ember application with the Konacha ruby gem (based on Mocha & Chai). (

Building Ember.js Applications for Production

A look at using Brunch for tooling in an Ember application. (

Ember Data Documentation [Updated]

There's been gradual improvement of the Ember Data docs recently, with many improvements now live in the guides. (

Embereños, The Ugly.

A look back at what Ember developers find most frustrating and what's being done to address these complaints. (


ng-embereño - Anglular.js from an Ember.js perspective by Alex Matchneer

The video from Alex's popular NYC November meetup talk. Also checkout the slides. (

Creating a Multimedia Application by Denis Nazarov

A NYC November meetup talk on ways to create interactive applications using videos and animations. (slides) (

Build An Ember.js App

A free screencast series by Balint Erdi to help you get up & running with Ember. Sign up for emailed updates. (

Experiences Building a Hypervideo-based Web App with Ember.js, Popcorn.js and HTML5

Thomas Herrmann discusses the advantages, challenges and lessons learned in building a multimedia-heavy, interactive HTML5 application with Ember.js. (

Ember Testing Discussions with Stefan Penner & Friends

A collection of videos as a response to Ryan Florence's gist on difficulties testing Ember applications. Includes an explanation of Autorun and Promises in Ember Testing, Unit Testing, Global Namespace, Modules and Testing Models. Also see the Notes & Resolutions and the original video. (

Ember Build Tools Showdown

A talk by Eric Berry at the Ember Salt Lake City meetup covering the different build tool options for Ember and evaluates the pros and cons of each. (slides) (



An Ember-friendly jQuery.ajax wrapper which returns RSVP promises and improves testing support. (

Ember Google Analytics

A plugin that allows your Ember application to easily work with Google Analytics. (

Ember Addon Kit

Boilerplate repository for creating ember addons. (

Ember App Kit

Ember App Kit aims to be the foundation for ambitious web applications built with Ember. Includes, a sane project structure, ES6 module support, project compilation & minification, testing, linting & preprocessor support. (

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