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Ember 1.2.0 Beta 4 Available

Includes mainly bug fixes and Handlebars v1.1 support. See the changelog for more. (


ng-embereño: Angular.js from the perspective of Ember.js

Slides form Alex Matchneer's egarly awaited talk on Angular.js at the November NYC meetup. To quote Brian Ford (Angular.js Core Team) "Cursory glance suggests that this might be the most reasonable comparison I've seen yet. Nicely done!". Hopefully, we'll have the video in future issues. (

Animating route transitions in ember.js

David Kelso presents an approach to animating route transitions using promises and route animation hooks. (

Embereños: Eric Berry - Instructure

Weekly interviews with real people using ember. This week's interview is with Eric Berry from Instructure. (

Preloading Fixture Data with Ember App Kit

An example of how to pre-load your fixture data into Ember Data using an initializer. (

The Missing EmberJS Tutorial

As part of the 30 Technologies in 30 Days challenge Shekhar Gulati gives an intorduction to Ember. (


Firebase & Ember - Matthew Rudy Jacobs

Matthew discusses how to get the best features of Meteor in your Ember.js app using Firebase. From the November 2013 Ember London meetup. (

Query Parameters - Alex Speller

An updated talk by Alex about query params in the Ember router. From the November 2013 Ember London meetup. (

Dance Cloud - Christopher Gammie

A demo of a cloud application for dance organizers wirtten in Ember. From the November 2013 Ember London meetup. (


Swapping a route's model mid transition in afterModel

Alex Matchneer gives another example of the router's flexibility. (


Updated for Ember 1.1.2 & Ember Data Beta 4, ember-autosuggest will suggest names from a bound list. (


Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (


Seattle Meetup

21st November, 6:30pm @ Usermind. (

Boston OpenHack

21st November, 6:00pm @ DockYard. (

Salt Lake City Meetup

26th November, 6:30pm @ Instructure. (

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