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Ember 1.0 RC3

Ember 1.0.0-RC.3 is here. It brings performance improvements, new form handlebars helpers, testing improvements as well as various fixes. (emberjs.com)


Wrapping a jQuery plugin with Ember.js Views

An example of using a jQuery plugin with an Ember view. Shows how to wrap the PickADate jQuery plugin. (blakewilliams.me)

Getting started with Internationalization (i18n) in Ember.js

A quick guide to extracting you strings to allow for translation to different languages. (mcdowall.info)

Getting Into Ember.js: Part 3

The 3rd part of the series [1,2] looks at how to handle data in you application (without Ember-Data). (net.tutsplus.com)

has many relation in fixtures in Ember-Data rev 12

A quick look at how to get hasMany relationships working with the latest Ember-Data. (coderwall.com)

A Comparison of Angular, Backbone, CanJS and Ember

Summarizes the difference between the four frameworks & attempts to highlight each frameworks strengths & weaknesses. (sporto.github.io)

Ember.js - Web Applications Done Right

Updated article from Ember v0.9.4 to RC1, showing how to build a simple photo-album application. (infoq.com)

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Help support Ember Weekly by sponsoring a future issue. Promote your Ember related product or service. Reply to this email for more info. (emberweekly.com)


Philly ETE - Building Ambitious Web Applications with Ember.js

Yehuda Katz gives a great summary of Ember development & the future of the web. He demos how easy it is to write a simple blog application. Recommended watch. (chariotsolutions.com)

Ember 101

Ryan Florence walks you through Ember's core features in bite-sized screencasts. Great for anyone starting out. More videos on the way. (ember101.com)


Ember Grid

A grid component for Ember, with pagination, sorting, formatters & filters. (myslik.github.io)


Lots of updates in the past week to the incremental rendering list view for Ember. (github.com)


Some super handy utilities for quickly getting the view, controller, or model for an inspected element in modern browsers. (github.com)


Initial work on a set of reusable UI widgets built on top of Adobe's topcoat by Erik Bryn. (github.com)


New release - v4. ember-auth provides token authentication support to Ember. (github.com)


Ember and Leaflet tight integration for rich map web application development. (miguelcobain.github.io)

Grunt Ember Boilerplate

A Grunt.js starter project that gives you everything you need to start developing Ember applications. (github.com)

ember-testing package

Better support for testing has been added to Ember core with the ember-testing package. Check out Erik Bryn's bloggr fork for example usage. This integration testing guide PR may interest you too. (github.com)


Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (emberweekly.com)


Ember Southern California Meetup

23rd April, 6:30pm @ Yahoo! Santa Monica. Talks on using Ember with Twitter Bootstrap & a walkthrough of EmberPress. (meetup.com)

Ember Seattle Meetup

24th April, 6:30pm @ Urbanspoon. Talks on using Ember.ListView by Erik Bryn & a beginner walkthrough from Gordon Hempton. (meetup.com)

Ember Boston Meetup

24th April, 7:00pm @ Brightcove. An introduction to Ember with Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale. (meetup.com)

Ember.js Göteborg Meetup

25th April, 7:00pm @ SaltSide. A chance for everyone to meet other local Ember enthusiasts. There will also be some intro on getting started with Ember. (meetup.com)

TechinMotionLA Meetup

25th April, 7:00pm @ Blankspaces. Building API-First Applications with Ember.js and Rails - Steve Klabnik. (meetup.com)

Ember Philly

25th April, 6:30pm @ Rogues Gallery. Project Night & Lightning Talks. (meetup.com)


Ember Builds

As mentioned in the RC3 announcement, each successful CI run now publishes its build results, making it much simpler to reference the latest ember build. (builds.emberjs.com)

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