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Ember 1.1.0 Beta 3 Released

Mainly bug fixes in this release. (


Embereños: Alex Speller - Digital Science

Weekly interviews with companies and people using ember. This week's interview is with Alex Speller, who you may recognize from recent query-parameter support Pull Requests. (

Loading Route Facelift

Alex Matchneer outlines a proposal to improve the router loading states. See his example of sub-route loading states. (

EmberJS :: Beyond the tutorials

Ryan Rauh discusses how he got started with Ember. Some useful tips for beginners. (

JavaScript SEO: Can Google read javascript websites?

Find out how to make your Ember.js website visible to Google. (


Ember NYC September Meetup Video

The video includes an outline of Ember's post 1.0 roadmap by Kristofor Selden, Complex Architectures in Ember by Matthew Beale and a few other lightening talks. (

A comparison of the two-way binding in AngularJS, EmberJS and KnockoutJS

Marius Gundersen provides a nice walkthrough of how each of the 3 frameworks tackle two-bindings along with the pros & cons of each technique. (

MHE Labs Boston Summit: Ember Components

Alex Matchneer's presentation on Ember Components. (


HTTP Mocking in Ember Testing

Based on last week's' discussions, Trek Glowacki has put together 3 libraries to assist with HTTP mocking: fakehr, FakeXMLHttpRequest and ember-testing-httpRespond. (

Unchained Async Helpers in Ember-Testing

Teddy Zeenny has been busy improving the ember-testing package. (


Ember Simple Auth

A lightweight and unobtrusive library for implementing token based authentication in Ember.js applications. It's covered more in this blog post. (

Ember-Data Elasticsearch Kit

A Ember-Data adapter for Elasticsearch (

Ember Auto

Nicer computed properties - less this.get('myField'). Also see forum discussion. (

Ember CouchDB Kit

An Ember.js adapter for Apache CouchDB. (demo) (


Vim plugin for the Emberjs frontend framework. (


Full Stack Web Developer near Washington, DC

We need a great coder with Ember.js/Angular.js, Git, HTML5 w/ old browsers, Python, Django, Postgres, Heroku, responsive web design, and good communication skills. iPad iOS development a plus. contact us (

Lead the Hospitality Industry developing mobile software with Ember.js

We are looking for experienced front end developers in Los Angeles, CA. If you are always striving to learn new technologies like Ember.js and enjoy spending time on mobile applications, then help us lead the Hospitality Industry with cutting edge mobile technology. (


Toronto Hack Night

10th October, 6:00pm @ INcubes. (

Tel Aviv-Yafo Meetup, Featuring Yehuda Katz

10th October, 4:30pm @ Ozen Bar. Featuring special guest Yehuda Katz! (

Boston Meetup

10th October, 6:30pm @ DockYard. (

Seattle Meetup with Alex Matchneer

10th October, 6:30pm @ Urbanspoon. New Core Team Alex Matchneer will be present. (

Austin Meetup with Tom Dale

15th October, 7:30pm @ Frog Design. Special Event with Tom Dale. (

San Francisco Meetup

15th October, 6:30pm @ Blurb. (

Puerto Rico Meetup

15th October, 6:00pm @ Blimp HQ. (

Washington, DC Meetup

17th October, 6:30pm @ Logik. (

Oslo, Norway Meetup

17th October, 6:00pm @ Teknologihuset. (


The Ember Run Loop Visualized

Alex Matchneer made this cool prototype to visualize how the Ember Run Loop works. (source) (

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