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Ember Weekly
Issue #250 April 10th, 2018
Welcome to the 250th issue of Ember Weekly. This marks our 5th anniversary of being the best resource for keeping your finger on the pulse of the Ember.js ecosystem. We've got some big things planned this year, stay tuned!

To help celebrate, we've got a full EmberConf recap for you now that all the conference videos have been edited and released individually. Ember.js 3.1 has also been released, but a blog post hasn't been made at time of publishing, so keep an eye out for that in next week's issue.

We're really excited about the Ember 3.x series, as it'll be a march towards modernization, taking advantage of newly available JS language features which will ultimately allow for the framework to stay competitive.

Thanks for your support over the years,
- Erik Bryn & the Ember Weekly team

Opening Keynote
by Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale
Ambitious for All: Accessibility in Ember
by Melanie Sumner
Everything They Didn't Tell You About the Ember Community
by Jessica Jordan
The Next Generation of Testing
by Tobias Bieniek
Jamie White
by Say More
Who Moved My Cheese? Ember's New Filesystem Layout
by Matthew Beale
Mastering the Art of Forms
by Danielle Adams
How to Build a Bonfire: On Training and Hiring New Devs
by Taylor Jones
Living Animation
by Edward Faulkner
The Future of Data in Ember
by Dan Gebhardt
Smartphone Symphony
by Gavin Joyce
Reuse, Recycle: One Team’s Journey From Projects to Products
by Sarah Bostwick
Deep Dive on Ember Events
by Marie Chatfield
Building a Memex in Ember
by Andrew Louis
Prying Open the Black Box
by Godfrey Chan
Creating Fluid App-Like Experiences With Ember
by Nick Schot
Closing Keynote
by Saron Yitbarek & Vaidehi Joshi
Contributor Rally
by Sean Massa
Toyota's Shared Component Library
by Tony Ward
Lighting Thoughts on Lighting Deploy
by Christina Kung
Ember CLI Addons
by Sam Selikoff
Let Me Ember This For You
by Serena Fritsch
Let's Test that Addon!
by Samanta de Barros
Pair Programming as A Mechanism for Growth
by Dianne Eramo
Pixel by Pixel: Visual Regression Testing in Ember
by Mike Fotinakis
The Chirpolith: Successfully Migrating A Mess App to Ember
by Alex Rothenberg
Fail at Maintaining Your First OSS Project in 3 Easy Steps!
by Lee Baillie


Ember & Ember CLI 3.1 released
The blog post will be posted sometime today. The releases are available on NPM.
Ember 3.2.0-beta.1 released

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RFC #322 - Deprecation of copy and Copyable is in final comment period.
The proposal for the deprecation of the Ember.copy and Ember.Copyable mixins is in final comment period.
RFC #311 - Introduce `` is in final comment period.
The proposal to introduce an alternative syntax to invoke components in templates is in final comment period.
RFC #293 - Ember Data Record Data is in final comment period
The proposal to expose a public api for addon authors is in final comment period.
The Ember.js Times - Issue #41
News from the learning team, RFC's, and Ember CLI updates.
Curated list of quality Ember addons and resources.
EmberConf 2018 T-Shirts For Sale
Missed the conference but still want the shirt? Left over shirts are on sale now!
Ship Shape - Static Blogs with Prember and Markdown
Ship Shapes' approach to a static blog with Ember.
David Tang - Extracting Metadata from a Custom API with Ember Data
David details how he uses DS.RESTSerializer to extract metadata from collection responses.
Learn full stack Ember.js development with Rails or Phoenix promoted
Interested in learning the latest Ember best practices with a real JSONAPI compliant backend? Get 50% off of full stack Ember courses with Rails or Phoenix!


Ember Store Helpers
An addon that provides additional helpers to Ember Data.
Ember Helper Helper
This add-on provides a helper helper that looks up the helper by name and returns a function with partial application.
Ember Test Setup
An addon that provides testing shorthands to reduce duplication.
Ember CLI Braintree
Braintree's Drop-In Payment UI as an Ember component.
Prember RSS Feed
An addon to generate RSS Feeds for your prember pre-rendered fastboot blog.
Ember Tags Input
An addon that converts a user's typing into tags.
Ember DOM Purify
An addon for sanitizing HTML and preventing XSS attacks.
Ember File Upload 2.4.2 Released
Docs updated to use ember-cli-addon-docs.
Ember Power Calendar 0.7.2 Released
Adds proximitySelection to power-calendar-range.
Ember Basic Dropdown 1.0.0-beta.4 Released
Allows drop-downs with a custom calculatePosition function to return in the styles object css properties other than top, left, right, height and width.
Ember Data Change Tracker 0.7.6 Released
Fixes issue with new model on rollback.
Ember Responsive 3.0.0-beta.3 Released
Adds a runloop wrapper to improve setBreakpoint for tests.
Ember Apollo Client 1.0.0 Released
Migrates the addon to Apollo Client v2 and now provides the ability to customize which packages are included.
Ember Percy 1.4.1 Released
Reintroduces support for older ember apps that don't have @ember/test yet.
Ember Transformicons 2.0.2 Released
Integration tests now align with RFC-232 syntax and structure, scaled targets.js back to support only evergreen browsers, and updated documentation to use ember-cli-addon-docs.
Ember L10n 2.0.4 Released
Updated to avoid unnecessary warning logs when manually checking for locale existence.

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Tim Thomas - Using Ember.js to build Electron Apps
Tim from Vectra AI shares his experiences creating desktop apps with Ember.js and Electron at the Ember.js Dublin meetup.
Alex Matchneer - Ember Constraint Router Demo
Alex demoes his addon ember-constraint-router.
EmberMap Podcast - Steelman vs. Strawman
Sam and Ryan talk about their new course and steelman vs strawman arguments.
Bartłomiej Dudzik - Web App Performance & Ember.js
Bartłomiej's talk at the Ember Bielsko-Biala Meetup.
Robert Harężlak - Web Animations with Ember.js
Robert's talk at the Ember Bielsko-Biala Meetup.
Michał Staśkiewicz - The Next Generation of Testing in Ember.js
Michał's talk at the Ember Bielsko-Biala Meetup.


Ember London
Ember London April 2018 Meetup
Ember.js Seattle
Become an Open Source Contributor
Ember.JS SLC
Who Moved My Cheese? Ember's New Testing API
Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup
EmberConf 2018 recap and Ryan Tablada on Ember in 2018!
Ember.js Indianapolis
Pen Testing the Developer Interview with Indy Tech Talks

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