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CRUD example app without Ember Data

A detailed walkthrough of creating an Ember application without Ember Data. (

Want to Learn Ember.js? Start Here

Some useful resources for anyone starting out with Ember. (

Using Ember.js with jQuery UI

Luke Melia updated his jQuery UI blog post for Ember 1.0. (

Ember App Kit Documentation Site

The initial version of the EAK documentation is online. Still missing some content from sections. (


Building Reusable UIs

Steve Kane talks about component architecture at the Chicago Meetup. (


Promise Error Handling Gist

Log all errors that are not immediately handled in promises (by Stefan Penner). (

Ember Testing with Mocha Adapter Example

A simple example of using mocha.js to test Ember 1.x and Ember Data Beta 2 with Fixtures. (

emberFire - Firebase Ember Bindings

Looks like there is some initial work being done on Ember Bindings for Firebase. (


Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (


Austin, TX Meetup

26th September, 7:00pm @ The FrontSide. (

Boston OpenHack Meetup

26th September, 6:30pm @ DockYard. (

Salt Lake City Meetup

26th September, 6:30pm @ Instructure. (

San Juan, Puerto Rico Meetup

1st October, 6:00pm @ Blimp HQ. (

NYC Hacker Hours Meetup

1st October, 6:00pm @ SimpleReach. (


Apple Help Guides Use Ember

Not exactly the most exciting app in the world but interesting to browse with the Chrome Plugin nevertheless. (

Falling Blocks Game in Ember

Who said Ember wasn't for games?! Alex Matchneer put together this awesome Falling Blocks game using Ember. (

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