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Issue #249 April 4th, 2018


Node 4 is almost End of Life
Node 4 will not be supported after April 30th. Please upgrade your apps!
Ember CLI Update Supports ember-qunit-codemod
Ember CLI Update now runs ember-qunit-codemod to update tests to the new testing APIs for 3.0

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Readers’ Questions - How far are we from being able to just use any NPM package via the import statement?
Kelly Selden responds to elaborate on the status and future of bundlers in Ember.
Lenny Burdette - Ember and Yarn Workspaces
An article detailing why and how Square converted their Dashboard Ember app to use Yarn workspaces.
Dockyard - Testing your Ember Application in 2018
An overview on improved testing and new test helpers in Ember 3.0.
VIM Ember Imports
Add and Update Ember import statements in VIM.
Adding AWS Amplify to an Ember.js Application to integrate Amazon Cognito, S3, and more.
A tutorial on utilizing AWS Amplify within an Ember.js application.
RFC #324: Component#isVisible deprecation first draft
A proposal to deprecate the component isVisible attribute.
Learn full stack Ember.js development with Rails or Phoenix promoted
Interested in learning the latest Ember best practices with a real JSONAPI compliant backend? Get 50% off of full stack Ember courses with Rails or Phoenix!

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Ember Casper Template
A static site generator using Ember, Prember, and the default Ghost Casper theme.
Ember Sloth
A set of components and services to manage loading large sets of data efficiently.
Ember CLI Tachyons Sass
An addon for adding the Sass version of Tachyons to projects for theming.
Ember Simple Auth 1.6.0 Released
Authorizers are now deprecated and usage of the private beginPropertyChanges/endPropertyChanges methods has been removed.
Qunit Dom 0.6.0 Released
Adds assertions for isVisible, isRequired, hasAnyText and more.
Ember CLI Document Title 0.4.0 Released
Breaking changes now requires Node 4 or higher. Adds support for returning a Promise from the titleToken function.
Ember Toggle 5.2.2 Released
Disables label action on disabled component.
Ember Concurrency 0.8.17 Released
waitForEvent/Queue/Property helpers now work with the various promise helpers.
Ember Steps 4.0.0 Released
Step-manager is no longer cyclical by default, removes did-transition and will-transition hooks from the step-manager, and removes custom error classes.


Dawid Pośliński - The Future of Ember.js
Summary of upcoming changes to Ember.js based on presentations from EmberConf 2018.
Ember Map Podcast - Making the Impossible, Impossible
Functional CSS training at EmberConf, ideas for hiding styling implementation details from templates, a new setup for multiple staging environments, and how to use data down actions up effectively in forms.
Create Robust and Concise Interfaces with Ember Concurrency
Alvin Vogelzang's talk at the Amsterdam Ember.js meetup.
Ember vs React
Ryan Cook's talk at the Indy Ember.js meetup.
Contextual Components and Forms
Will Raxworthy's talk at the Ember London meetup in August 2017.
How Adding Abstractions solved our Problems
Chantal Broeren's talk at the Amsterdam Ember.js meetup.


Ember.js NYC
Ember Project Night: Memory Leaks
Toronto Ember.js Meetup
April EmberTO
Triangle Ember
Modern Web April: GraphQL, Open Source Web Components, Node + Express
Ember.js Atlanta Meetup
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