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Issue #248 March 28th, 2018


Quest Issue: Cleaning Up Ember's Tests
Ember.js is looking for contributors to help clean up test output.
Front End Development Tooling Survey
Represent Ember in this front end tooling survey.
Talk Submissions for EmberFest 2018 Now Open
Submit your talk proposal for EmberFest 2018 early!
Ember Data v3.1.1 released
Removes '@ember/ordered-set' warning when building Ember Data.

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Using React Components in Your Ember App
A quick guide on sharing components between Ember and React.
Kayako Engineering - Customizing Ember Power Select
A guide on customizing the functionality of Ember Power Select to create navigable drop down selects.
My Experience with React
An Ember developer turned React's experience ramping up to the React ecosystem after years of experience with Ember.
Chris Ng - EmberConf 2018 Recap
Chris recounts his experience at EmberConf 2018.
The Ember.js Times - Issue 39
A proposal for HTML attributes, mascot updates, and ways to contribute to the Ember ecosystem.
RFC #314: HTML Attribute and Property Rationalization
A proposal to rationalize how to set attributes and properties of an HTML Element in Ember templates.
RFC #317: Named block syntax
An updated proposal to with small changes to the named block syntax to clarify use and readability.
RFC #318: Array Helper
A proposal to add an array template helper for creating arrays in templates.
RFC #319: HTML Safe Helper
A proposal to to add an html-safe template helper for creating SafeStrings in templates.
RFC #321: Key Functions for each/each-in
A proposal support passing functions to the key argument of the each and each-in helpers.
RFC #322: Deprecation of Copy and Copyable
A recommendation to deprecate and remove `Ember.copy` and the `Ember.Copyable` mixin.
RFC #323: Array Functions
A proposal to work with arrays in Ember without requiring that we extend the global Array prototype or manually wrap arrays with Ember.A(array).
GitLab 10.1 released with Image Discussions promoted
Manage your visual assets and collaborate on design socially by simply clicking a specific location of an image and start a discussion around it.

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Torii Azure Ad2 Provider
A torii provider for Azure AD v2 authentication.
Ember CLI Ghost Spirit
Ember packaged version of Ghost's CSS framework.
Ember Engines 0.5.16 Released
Now supports Fastboot.
Ember CLI Mirage 0.4.3 Released
Improves detection of model inverses and fixes a bug related to serializing responses that are both side-loaded and embedded.
Ember Percy 1.4.0 Released
Adds support for Ember apps that have stripped jQuery.
Google Maps Markup 2.2.7 Released
Moves distanceUnitId to result from feature and saves distanceUnitId on feature for markup.


Ember NYC - Ed Faulkner on Designing for Learning
Livestream from Ember NYC meetup with talks from Ed Faulkner, Aaron Sikes, and Zach Moroni.
FOSSASIA 2018 - How Ember.js Empowers Open Event Frontend
Abhinav Khare recounts his experience using Ember.js over other frameworks and elaborates on the efficient usage of resources using JSON API.
FOSSASIA 2018 - Data Handling in Open Event Frontend with Ember.js
Dilpreet Singh details his use of Ember within his latest front end project.
Robert Wagner - Ember Inspector Pairing


EmberJS Houston
Monthly Ember.js Houston Meetup
Ember.js Denver
EmberConf 2018 in Review
Ember.js Amsterdam
Ember Meetup #14
Ember Montevideo
Meetup mensual
Ember Columbus
Monthly Ember.js Meetup
Ember.js Berlin
ember build --environment=meet-and-greet
Chicago Ember.js
EmberConf Recap!
Ember.js NYC
Ember Project Night: Memory Leaks
Toronto Ember.js Meetup
April EmberTO

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