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Issue #245 March 7th, 2018


Ember Community Survey Final Chance!
Today is the final chance to fill out the Ember Community Survey before it closes. This survey helps figure out how Ember is being used and how it should improve in the future.
EmberConf Is Six Days Away!
Tickets are still available for EmberConf, Workshops, and Activities.
Ember Data v.3.0.2 released

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RFC #213: Custom Components API - Updated
A proposal to expose a low-level primitive for defining custom components in Ember.js.
RFC #309: Module Unification Namespaces
A proposal for Ember addons to use the module unification filesystem in place of the legacy app/ or addon/ folders.
Effective Ember - Deploying FastBoot apps with Ember CLI Deploy
A detailed tutorial on deploying Fastboot apps with Ember CLI Deploy.
Effective Ember - Implementing Instagram's progress-bar with Ember.js
A tutorial on implementing a loading bar in an Ember app with the application-route's loading-action.
The Ember.js Times - Issue #36
JavaScript Telemetry: Black Box Recorder for App Crashes promoted promoted
Telemetry gives a timeline of browser events leading to errors. Debug better and know why your web app crashed.


Ember Async Let
An addon for conditionally rendering a block after a promise has resolved.
Ember CLI Addon Docs Yuidoc
A plugin that adds automatic API documentation to your addon through a modified version of YUIDoc.
Ember CLI Zanata
An addon for working with translations with the Zanata API.
Ember CLI Typescript 1.2.0 Released
Adds blueprint and tests to generate in-repo addons configured for TypeScript, @ts-ignore component template import, and -addon blueprints for all the things to generate .ts files in app/ in an addon.
Ember Models Table 2.4.0 Released
Removes deprecations and adds selectedItems, visibleProcessedColumns, and data to the yielded block of table-footer.
Corber 1.2.3 Released
Adds a CORBER env var to Tasks and fixes issue related to corber init sometimes racetracking.
Ember CLI Mirage 0.4.2 Released
Adds support for new style tests and options mocking, ensures JSONAPISerializer support includes as function, and serializers support coalesced IDs.
Ember In Viewport 3.0.0 Released
Removes jQuery, updates scroll listeners to use JavaScript, adds proper rAF support when in a scrollable container, and adds docs about IntersectionObserver support.
Ember CSS Modules 0.7.10 Released
Now support importing styles via @value and composes.
Ember Concurrency 0.8.16 Released
Updated to allow passing a non-Function value to waitForProperty() as a shortcut for waiting for the observed property to === that value.
Ember Feature Flags 5.0.0 Released
Updates new style testing helpers usage to support integration tests.

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Scott Branson - Integration tests in Ember 3
In this tutorial, Scott covers writing an integration test for a component with the latest testing API available in Ember 3.0.
Ember.js NYC - Katie Gengler on Ember 3.0 and What You Need to Know
Video from Ember.js NYC with talks from Katie Gengler, Gaurav Munjal, Ray Tiley, and Chris LoPresto.
Ember Map Podcast - Oli Griffiths on the Benefits of Static Typing and How Broccoli Works
In this podcast Sam and Ryan talk to Oli Griffiths about Broccoli internals, how to use it, and its role in Ember CLI.


Ember.js NYC
Workshop Preview: Eat Your Greens: A Broccoli.js Tutorial w/ Oli Griffiths
Ember London
Ember London March 2018 Meetup
Ember.js Seattle
RocknRoll with Ember.JS and Balint Erdi
Ember.js Atlanta Meetup
Monthly Meetup

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