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Issue #244 February 28th, 2018


8 days left to participate in the 2018 Ember Community Survey
Help the Ember core team learn more about how you use Ember and what you would like in the future in this anonymous survey.
Quest Issue - Glimmer Components in Ember
This quest tracks progress and the steps needed to add full Glimmer component support to Ember.
New landing page for the Ember API Docs
Thanks to the learning-team, we now have a new landing page for the Ember API docs detailing commonly referenced classes, packages, and links to docs.
Ember Data 3.0.1 released

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Ember CLI 2018 Roadmap
This discuss post is a discussion of the goals and features for Ember CLI.
Reader's Questions - How do I pitch Ember at my company?
Katie Gengler elaborates on the process of pitching Ember to your team as the framework of choice.
David Tang - React Patterns in Ember: Render Props
David covers the Ember equivalent of a React pattern, Render Props.
Ricardo Mendez - The State of Ember.js: Slides
Ricardo's slides that go with his video below.
An Elementary Guide to Ember Build Performance
An explanation of Ember build performance with a focus on cache variables.
Final Comment Period - Ember CLI RFC #116: Add Qunit DOM Dependency
A proposal to introduce qunit-dom as a dependency by default in the app and addon blueprints.
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Ember Google Maps
Promise-driven, on-demand lazy-loading of Google Maps.
A helper for safely embedding URLs in style properties.
Ember Is Fastboot
An addon that provides a mixin for addons to check the FastBoot status of their consuming apps.
Ember Strict Warnings
An addon that turns warnings into hard errors during development and testing.
Ember Export Sass Variables
Export your SASS variables and access them through a utility in your Ember app.
Ember Twitch Adapter
A set of adapters for consuming the Twitch API with JSONAPIAdapter and JSONAPISerializer.
Ember Simple Auth 1.5.1 Released
Session restoration is now setup in an initializer and the new acceptance test helpers introduced with 1.5.0 are no longer needed to manually set up the router.
Ember Data Github 0.7.0 Released
Adds the ability to retrieve repo lists by user.
Ember CLI Page Object 1.15.0-beta.1 Released
Updates includes support for RFC232 and RFC268 style tests.
Ember Css Modules 0.7.9 Released
Updates AST transforms to use a singular visitor key rather than plural visitors and now uses Ember's defineProperty for compatibility with the ES5 getters overhaul.
Ember Concurrency 0.8.15 Released
Adds waitForProperty() to pause execution until a property on an Ember Object becomes a certain value.
Corber 1.2.2 Released
Extends corber start to work on physical android devices, to respect the platform flag, and only lists devices for installed platforms. Additionally fixes issues related to livereload with Webpack.

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Ricardo Mendez - The State of Ember.js
Ricardo details the current state of Ember.js in the timestamped video on This.JavaScript's State of JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries screen cast.
EmberConf Teaser - Becoming an Open Source Contributor - EmberJS
This is the teaser video for the upcoming Contributors Workshop at EmberConf hosted by Jen Weber and Ricardo Mendez.
EmberMap - JSONAPI Operations, Caching in FastBoot, and Ember's Strengths
Sam and Ryan talk about the upcoming additions to the JSON:API spec, adding FastBoot support to Storefront, caching in Fastboot, and a thought experiment around how Ember might focus its strengths.
Boston Ember - GraphQL and Orbit.js
Dan Gebhart shares his work on on Orbit.js, a library that brings a git-like approach to tracking and synchronizing data. Chris Ball shares lessons learned from his experience integrating GraphQL into different front end frameworks.


Ember.js Denver
Animating WebGl with ThreeJS & Ember
Ember Montevideo
Meetup mensual
EmberJS Houston
Monthly Ember.js Houston Meetup
Ember.js Berlin
ember g meetup
Ember.js Stockholm
Ember.js Meetup episode 4 – A New Hope
Ember.js NYC
Workshop Preview: Eat Your Greens: A Broccoli.js Tutorial w/ Oli Griffiths

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