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Issue #243 February 21st, 2018
We're just a few weeks away from Emberconf and we have a really packed issue for this week. As things start heating up in the Ember world leading up to the conference, be sure to check out the Ember Community Survey!

This survey helps the core team learn more about who is using Ember and how the framework can improve to best meet your needs. The survey blog post also has a few cool recaps from the last year in Ember.


2018 Ember Community Survey
The fourth annual Ember Community Survey is here and awaiting your help and feedback!
Ember 3.1 Beta Released
An overview of ES5 getters and several optional features coming in Ember 3.1.
Ember CLI v3.0.0 released

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Readers' Questions - Are there any plans for Ember Data to embrace immutability?
Dan Gebhardt elaborates on the future of immutable data structures in Ember Data.
Ship Shape - Updating to Ember 3.1 and Enabling Optional Features
Robert walks through his step by step process for updating apps to Ember 3.1.
Karuna Sehgal - Discovering Ember.js
Karuna details her first experience with Ember.
How to Create an Accessible Checkbox Component in Ember
A detailed tutorial on creating an accessible checkbox component in Ember.
Detect, Diagnose and Defeat Errors 🏆 promoted
Rollbar detects when code breaks in real-time. Get stack trace and diagnostic data to defeat app errors.


Ember Lifi
A small service for detecting internet connection status.
Ember Liquid Sauce
An Ember addon that creates several new Ember Liquid Fire transitions for card interfaces.
Ember Heap Analytics
An Ember addon that injects a service to track Heap analytics without the Heap dashboard.
Ember CLI Puppet
An addon that allows you to call lower level component's actions from a parent component.
Ember Closure Actions Polyfill
Provides a polyfill for the Closure Actions feature added in Ember 1.13.
Ember Render To String
A component to render any Ember template to string.
Ember Semantic 2.2.0 Released
The Official Semantic UI Addon for Ember applications (Maintainers Wanted).
Ember CLI Typescript 1.1.3 Released
Adds types to initializer and instance initializer blueprints, special-case handling for Mirage, and adds missing import and an export statement so ambient declarations work for the default blueprint for types/<my app>/index.d.ts.
Ember Tumblr 0.11.0 Released
Now supports photo posts and switches from ember-intl to ember-moment for date formatting.
Ember Data Github 0.6.0 Released
Model updates, properly deprecates removed properties, allows consuming apps to use mirage factories/models/serializers and more.
Ember Simple Auth 1.5.1 Released
Session restoration is now setup in an initializer (vs. an instance initializer) and the new acceptance test helpers introduced with 1.5.0 no longer need to manually set up the router.
Ember CLI Flash 1.6.3 Released
Updates test-helper blueprint for ember versions >= 2.17 and now allows flash messages without text when preventDuplicates is false.
Ember Bootstrap 1.2.1 Released
Removes the align property of the nav-toggler component for Bootstrap 4 and fixes a memory leak on the modal.
Ember Data Factory Guy 2.13.26 Released
Adds new setupFactoryGuy(hooks) method for use in tests.
Corber 1.2.1 Released
Adds utils to detect OS and import Android sdk/adb path.


Ember.js NYC - Sam Selikoff and Ryan Toronto on Ember Data Storefront
Sam and Ryan from EmberMap speak at the Ember.js NYC about Ember Data.
Ember London - Jeff Jewiss on Designing in Ember with Functional CSS
Jeff talks about his experience designing in Ember with functional CSS.
Scott Batson - Writing Unit Tests in Ember 3.0
Scott covers some of the basics of unit testing in an Ember project using the latest 3.0.0 version of Ember.js.
Ember.js NYC - Chris Garrett on ES Classes & Decorators
Chris Garret's talk from Ember.js NYC in September 2017.
Ember London - Nikos Katsikanis on The State of Data Visualization on the Web
Nikos shares his talk on the the state of data visualization on the web at his talk at Ember London.
Ember London - Michael Schinis: Mikey's Meta Madness
Michael explores how he's historically served front end apps and API's and then shifts the focus to how he currently uses HAProxy and AWS to serve both through a single routing layer.
Ember London - Bartosz Jakubowiak on Fast Table Development Using Ember Data Models
Bartosz talks about his experience developing complex and unique tables in Ember.


Ember.js Seattle
Project Night
Ember.js NYC
Katie Gengler on Ember 3.0 and What You Need to Know
Ember ATX
Ember ATX Meetup
Ember.JS SLC
Profiling an Ember App.
Ember.js Atlanta Meetup
Ember Project Night
Chicago Ember.js
Through the Looking Glass: Accessibility in Ember.js
Ember.js Indianapolis
Learn how to FastBoot
Ember.js Denver
Animating WebGl with ThreeJS & Ember
Ember Montevideo
Meetup mensual
EmberJS Houston
Monthly Ember.js Houston Meetup
Ember.js Berlin
ember g meetup

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