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Issue #235 December 20th, 2017
The last few weeks have been an exciting time for Ember and Glimmer!

Holiday presents have been flooding into Ember RFCs. This week three big RFCs (278, 280, and 281) are all in the Final Comment Period. We wish you all a happy holidays and a Happy New Year! We'll be taking the week off next week for the holidays.

See you in 2018!
- The Ember Weekly Team


EmberConf 2018 Speakers Announced
The official list of speakers and talks is up and ready for all to see!
Ember 2.17 Released 2.18 Beta Released
Official blog post for the Ember 2.17 and 2.18 Beta releases, includes plans for 3.0 beta.
Ember Fastboot v1.1.1 released
Fixes custom output paths and adds custom transform based on Ember CLI RFC 108.

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The Acceptance Testing Burden
A spotlight on the cost of acceptance testing and how to prioritize testing in your apps.
Demystifying Ember Error Handling
A look into Ember's default error substates and how to use them
RFC: ES5 Getters - Final Comment Period
This RFC covers using ES5 getters to allow computed properties to be used without .get().
RFC: Remove Application Wrapper Div - Final Comment Period
Proposal to remove the legacy automatic wrapper div around Ember apps and tests.
RFC: Template Only Components - Final Comment Period
This RFC proposes removing the wrapping div element from Template Only components in Ember.
Join Europe's Largest Developer Job Platform! promoted
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Ember Fastboot Form Rehydration
An addon that helps manage user input values after fastboot rehydrates forms.
Ember QUnit Nested Module Blueprints Polyfill
This addon provides blueprint overrides for non-acceptance tests in the style of Q-Unit nested modules.
Ember Braze
An addon that exposed the Appboy Web SDK to your Ember app.
Ember CLI Shim Select 2
A shim to help load configurable select2 locales in your Ember app, with a smaller footprint.
Ember CLI TypeScript 1.0.6 Released
Adds full support for TypeScript 2.6.
Ember Basic Dropdown 1.0.0-beta.0 Released
Drops Ember Wormhole, requires Glimmer 2, and deprecates acceptance test helpers.
Ember Apollo Client 0.6.2 Released
Bugfix support for Ember 2.17.
Ember Font Awesome 4.0.0-rc.1 Released
First release client for v4.0.0.
Ember Power Select 2.0.0-beta.0 Released
Drops dependency for Ember wormhole and adds performance enhancements using Glimmer 2 VM.
Google Maps Markup 2.2.6 Released
Fixes bug impacting distance attributes.
Ember l10n 1.0.1 Released
Fixes plural messages broken in previous release.
Ember Jets 1.2.0 Released
Disables debounce/wait by default.
Ember Scroll To Mk2 2.0.0 Released
New APIs for calculating scroll position in complex layouts.
Ember Data Factory Guy 2.13.20 Released
Fixes mockUpdate to only return data when return attrs are set
Ember Simple Auth Token 3.0.0 Released
Update refresh strategy to use a separate refresh token and upgrades ESA, Ember.js, and Ember CLI.
Ember Cognito 0.4.0 Released
Adds support for Cognito groups.
Ember Frost List 8.0.1 Released
Updated list-item styles to provide more consistent spacing.
Ember Flatpickr 2.1.1 Released
Fixes fastboot flatpickr undefined bug.
Ember Simple Auth 1.4.1 Released
Fastboot app server dependency removed, Ember.testing is no longer destructured, OAuth 2.0 authenticator will now reject correctly for responses with an invalid response body.
A11y Announcer 1.0.3 Released
Cancels timer for in initializer and upgrades dependencies.


Kartik Gupta - Why Ember?
Kartik demonstrates Ember.js's strengths at the Brisbane Ember user group.
Chris Manson - Authmaker
Chris's lightning talk at Emberfest '17 on using the Authmaker Ember Simple Auth addon.
Adrian Zalewski - Eslint Plugin Glimmer
Adrian details the process of how he built Eslint Plugin Glimmer.
Tobias Bieniek - High Level Abstractions
Tobias talks about reducing accidental complexity in your projects by using high level abstractions.


Ember.js Atlanta Meetup
Ember Project Night
Ember.js Seattle
Project Night
Ember Montevideo
Meetup mensual
EmberJS Houston
Upgrading Ember & the Road to Ember 3.0

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