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Issue #234 December 13th, 2017


Ember CLI v2.17.1 released
RFC Splitting Ember into Packages
This RFC proposes the structure and upgrade plans as Ember is built from smaller individual packages.
Qunit Blueprints Quest Issue
This quest issue tracks the progress of upgrading test blueprints to match RFCs 232 and 268.

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RFC: ES5 Getters
This RFC covers using ES5 getters to allow computed properties to be used without .get().
RFC: Remove Application Wrapper Div
Proposal to remove the legacy automatic wrapper div around Ember apps and tests.
RFC: Template Only Components
This RFC proposes removing the wrapping div element from Template Only components in Ember.
RFC: Name Arguments Syntax
This RFC proposes using @ symbols in component template variables to better identify component attributes similar to Glimmer templates.
RFC: Yield Link-to Component State
This RFC proposes yielding values from link-to components including the active state and href values.
Balint Erdi - Building a Cardstack App: Part 2
Part 2 of a tutorial series on building the Ember Super Rentals demo application using Ember and Cardstack.
LinkedIn - The Glimmer Binary Experience
An overview of the Glimmer VM's improvement on load times by eliminating the need for template parsing.
Create data intensive, feature rich apps... promoted
Learn how to design, develop and test data-intensive web and mobile apps that run on desktops, tablets, and smartphones with Sencha Ext J. Check it Out.


Ember Observer Macros
An addon that adds observer macros to easily work with debouncing and other common patterns.
Ember Text Overflow
An addon that emulates the text-overflow: ellipsis CSS rule and adds a preview of the full text.
Ember Luxon
Allows the importing of Luxon inside your Ember app.
Ember Add Calendar Button
An addon that allows the user to add event entries to their calendar with ease.
Ember Cloud Firestore Adapter
Unofficial Ember Data Adapter and Serializer for Cloud Firestore.
Ember Text Highlight
A helper for wrapping matching parts of a text in a span tag with a stylable CSS class.
Ember Concurrency Scroll
Provides a scroller service that leverages ember-concurrency tasks to manage window and element scrolling.
Ember Semantic Proper Modals
An ember mixin providing proper support for Semantic UI modals.
Ember Legit Forms 2.2.0 Released
Adds support for Ember Changeset and minor feature updates.
Ember CLI Post CSS 3.6.2 Released
Fixes Node 4 support and adds blueprint for using Sass + Postcss.
Ember Drag Drop 0.4.7 Released
Moves content to cache to instance to prevent state leak, code consistency update, and upgrades to Node.js v4.x LTS.
Initials Avatar 1.0.0 Released
Adds support for a fallback color to be used programmatically in lieu of an image and converted to the new JavaScript module rfc.
Ember Wormhole 0.5.4 Released
Bug fixes.
Ember Rollbar Client 0.5.1 Released
Fixes computed properties.
Corber 1.1.11 Released
Introduces beta version of the new start command and serve now works without a network connection
Ember Wordpress 0.1.6 Released
Replace deprecated Ember.String.pluralize() and upgrade Ember CLI
Ember CLI Swiper 0.7.2 Released
Fixes non-evergreen environments that don't rely on prototype extensions.
Ember CLI Flash 1.6.2 Released
Updated to use the run loop instead of concurrent tasks.
Ember Data Change Tracker 0.7.2 Released
Uses Ember.assign instead of Object.assign, converts Testem to run Chrome headless.
Ember Page Title 4.0.1 Released
Removes addon-docs and ember-engines as optional dependencies.


Ember Map Podcast - Declarative Data Fetching, Disposable Code, Easier Upgrades, and the Upfront Cost of Ember
Sam and Ryan talk about a new Storefront API, disposable code patterns, how Ember CLI simplifies your app update process, and when to choose Ember.js.
Marie Chatfield - Deep Dive on Ember Events
Marie describes the fundamentals and lifecycle of DOM and Ember events.
Edward Faulkner - The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized
Edward explains the how and why of growing an open, decentralized software ecosystem that can sustainably pay for open source while respecting user freedom.
Sarup Banskota - Adopting Better Ember Patterns
Sarup walks through several Ember codebases and provides suggestions on improving them.
Kuba Niechcial - Improving the UX is the Developer's Job
Kuba explains the most important UX goals that should be addressed on the front end and how Ember can help achieve them
Daniel Sudol - Writing Tests Like a Speed Demon with Data Builder Patterns
Daniel lays the ground work for writing tests without the headache.
Emmanuelle Delescolle - SDK... Ambitious... What about a RAD tool for the web?
Emmanuelle discusses creating a rapid application developement toolset to reduce code replication between data models and your API.
Alex Blom - Hybrid Apps with Ember/Glimmer
Alex covers the basics of hybrid apps the dives into structure, graceful mobile web fallbacks, animation optimization & handling native integrations such as push.
Jessica Jordan - Testing Against Time: Meaningful Testing in Ember Apps When Timing Matters
Jessica gives an insight into how to create meaningful test cases for async or other, time-related operations in our applications.
Erik Bryn - EmberFest Closing Keynote
Erik gives an overview of the Ember community during EmberFest 2017's closing keynote.
Interview with Jessica Jordan - Modern Web Components in Glimmer.js
At The International Javascript Conference, Jessica talks about Glimmer.js basics and why we use web components.


Ember.JS SLC
Sockets with Ember Data
EmberJS Houston
Upgrading Ember & the Road to Ember 3.0
Ember.js Atlanta Meetup
Ember Project Night

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