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Issue #233 December 6th, 2017


Ember.js v2.17.0 released
New minor version contains bugfixes and updates.
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Marco Otte-Witte - Feel the Glimmer at ParisJS
Slides from Marco Otte-Witte's talk detailing the Glimmer VM at ParisJS.
Marcus Renno - Adding Server Side Rendering with Fastboot to Your Ember App
A tutorial for adding Fastboot to an Ember app and serving the app with NGINX.
Simplabs - Enginification
How Simplabs improved the initial loadtime of an Ember.js app on mobile clients using lazy-loading and Ember Engines.
You’ve been wanting to build mobile apps... promoted
NativeScript - Free and Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with JavaScript, TypeScript, or Angular


Ember Helper Locale Number
A set of Ember template helpers for using Intl.NumberFormat in your applications.
Ember CLI Browserstack
An addon that facilitates automated testing using BrowserStack with Ember CLI projects.
Ember Light Form
An addon for managing form states and validations.
Ember Test Free G
An addon that provides alternative Ember CLI generators without creating boilerplate test files.
Prember Beautify
An addon that helps to format the output of generated pages from Prember builds.
Ember Particle
An injectable service that provides a wrapper for the Particle Javascript API.
Ember CLI Google Viewer
An addon that acts as a wrapper for viewing documents using the Google Viewer.
Rollup Plugin Glimmer Redux 1.0.0 Released
A rollup plugin to help manage redux middleware, stores, and enhancements for Glimmer Redux projects.
Ember Django Adapter 2.0.0 Released
An adapter that enables the use of Django REST Framework as an API backend for Ember Data.


Chris Garrett - ES Classes in Ember: An Update
A talk on ES Classes in Ember.js from Chris Garrett at the San Francisco Ember Meetup, November 2017.
Yehuda Katz - What’s Up With Glimmer
Yehuda Katz's talk on the Glimmer VM at the San Francisco Ember Meetup, November 2017.
Locks - Ember.Js in the Year 2020 at EmberFest2017
Lock's opening keynote highlighting the future of Ember.
Jorge Lainfiesta - Designing Immutable Data Flows in Ember at EmberFest 2017
Jorge Lainfiesta's talk on using composition and immutability in Ember apps today.
Alex Navasardyan - Treeshaking in Ember CLI at Emberfest 2017
Alex's talk on how treeshaking works, how to use it in Ember, and a look at the future of treeshaking in Ember.
Thiago Massa - How to Start Loving Acceptance Tests at Emberfest 2017
Thiago describes the different types of tests in Ember and how to write better tests to make better software.
Lauren Tan & Offir Golan - Ember @ Netflix at Emberfest 2017
Lauren and Offir discuss how Netflix uses Ember and how they chose to use Ember.
Ivan Vanderbyl - Building the Progressive Web App for in Ember at Emberfest 2017
Ivan looks at how to build a PWA using Ember and what he learned doing this.
Adrian Zalewski - Promoting Ember's Best Practices by Linting Code at Emberfest 2017
Adrian talks about how to lint your code to ensure better code qualities and code standards.
Michał Sajnóg - Ember Content Placeholders at EmberFest 2017
Michał Sajnóg's lightning talk on composable components for rendering progressive content at EmberFest 2017.


Toronto Ember.js Meetup
DecEmber TO
Ember.js NYC
Combined Nov/Dec Meetup: Luke Melia with "Two Routers: An Ember Story"
Ember.JS SLC
Sockets with Ember Data
EmberJS Houston
Upgrading Ember

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