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The Post-1.0 Release Cycle

The Core Team will be moving to a 6-week release cycle, similar to that of Google Chrome. There will be a new Beta build every week and a daily, automated Canary build. New features are being developed behind feature flags. (


Ember Data API Docs

The Official Ember API documentation now includes Ember Data API docs. (

Ember Doc - Now with Ember Data

The searchable Ember documentation now includes Ember Data too. (

Computed Properties in Ember.js

A deeper look at what Computed Properties are and how you use them. (

How to use a hasMany relationship in Ember Data 1.0 Beta

Code snippets showing how to us hasMany in the lates Ember Data betas. (

Ember Todo

An example of Ember 1.0, Ember Data 1.0 Beta 2 and Rails 4. (live example) (

Google can't read Ember.js websites. We fix that.

No servers to manage. No PhantomJS to install. No code duplication. (


Ember Enumerology

Automagic creation of computed properties from enumerable chains. (

Query Param Support in Master

The Query Param pull request by Alex Speller has been merged into master. An example of how to use it is shown in this JSFiddle. (

Ember Auth Easy

Simple library to do token authentication in Ember.js. Also a corresponding Rails Engine: Ember Auth Rails (

Custom Ember JSBin

A custom JSBin especially for Ember. It runs off the starter kit by default. (

Basic Authentication Pattern by Yehuda Katz

Yehuda tweeted this authentication pattern example. (


Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (


Southern California Meetup

11th September, 6:30pm @ Pivotshare. (

Boston Meetup

12th September, 6:45pm @ DockYard. (

Ottawa Meetup

16th September, 7:30pm @ Canal Royal Oak. (

San Francisco Meetup

17th September, 6:30pm @ Zendesk. (

NYC Meetup

18th September, 7:00pm @ (

TechLife Cincinnati Meetup

18th September, 6:30pm @ Gaslight. (

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