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Ember CLI v2.16.2 released

Ember Data v2.16.3 released

Ember Fastboot v1.1.0 released

Embercasts by Prototypal


Skeleton Screen Loading in Ember.js

Lauren Tan describes a pattern for improving UX by using ember-concurrency, data loader components and ember-parachute.

How Ember.js Enables Us to Focus on Shipping Features

The Nightwatch team reflects on their decision to use Ember.js.

When to Use Computed Properties on Models

Ryan Toronto describes how to avoid common mistakes made by putting computed properties on models.

Ember.js: The Perfect Framework for Web Applications

A gentle introduction to getting started with Ember.

EmberFest 2017: Ember.js in the year 2020 (slides)

Past, present, and future forecast of Ember from Ricardo Mendes' (@locks) talk at EmberFest.

EmberFest 2017: Building HackerNews.io as a Progressive Web App (slides)

A detailed overview of HackerNews' build process through Ivan Vanderbyl's slides from Emberfest.

How to create charts in a Ember.js web application

Jonathan Pereira details the pairing of Ember with FusionCharts to create dynamic charts in your applications.



Glimmer Redux

Predictable state management for Glimmer apps


Ember AST Helpers

A utility belt to make AST transforms, including the Build Time Components concept Miguel Camba introduced at EmberFest 2017.


Ember CLI Pact

Pact is a family of frameworks for performing consumer-driven contract testing.



Chai.js inspired high level DOM assertion helpers for QUnit.


Ember Theme Changer

Support multiple themes on your app with separate stylesheets and swap them out on runtime.


Ember Data Model Proxy

Provides the ability to edit Ember Data models through a proxy without changing the model itself.


Ember Ella Sparse

This addon loads your records in small chunks then fetches subsequent data as it is requested.


Ember Steps 2.2.1 Released

A powerful means of creating multi-step flows through your application.


Ember No Script 2.4.0 Released

Automatically adds a <noscript> tag to your Ember app.


Glimmer & Friends — Using third-party modules in a Glimmer.js app

A 20 min tutorial from Jamie White on using third-party modules in a Glimmer app.

The FrontHAT - Developing categories feature with EmberJS

Code along with this five part series to create a categorized job board app with Ember.

Ember Weekend - #117 Spooky Special

Benchmarking Ember, the Road to Ember 3.0, Ember Status Board, and Ember 2.16 has landed!

Ember Map - Component Hooks at the Route Level

A tutorial on simulating component UI hooks using templateless components.


18th October


Dan Gebhardt: Orbit.js with Ember.js & Dan Freeman: Contract Testing with Ember.js

18th October

Los Angeles

Topics TBD

19th October

Silicon Valley

Ember Project Night

19th October

Salt Lake City

Creating Deployable Apps with Cordova or Electron

25th October


Project night

25th October


Ember & GraphQL with Meagan Cooney


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