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Hello from EmberFest in Berlin!

Ember.js 2.16, featuring the new ES modules API, was just released yesterday. Don't miss the great Glimmer update from Tom Dale linked below.


Erik Bryn (@ebryn) & the Ember Weekly team


Ember.js 2.16 released

Minor bug fixes, newly generated Ember applications will use the JavaScript modules API by default, and 2.16 will be promoted to an LTS release in six weeks.

Ember CLI v2.16.1 and v2.17 beta 1 released

Ember CLI 2.16 has several new features including Uglify 2.0 for minifying untranspiled ES6, support for addons to transform vendor resources, better scoped npm package support & more.

Tom Dale - Glimmer Progress Report

Glimmer is moving towards using capitalized component names instead of dasherized, new splattributes feature, binary templates, incremental rendering, and SSR with incremental rehydration.

Ship Shape


Chad Hietala - Glimmer's Optimizing Compiler

An update on the work LinkedIn is doing to improve Glimmer performance.

0xADADA - One Year with Ember

Thoughts from a user after one year of use.

DockYard - Why DockYard Builds with Ember.js

An explanation of why DockYard uses Ember as their frontend framework.

Online Web Design Classes Taught by Experts promoted

With 17,000 classes and more than 3M members, Skillshare is Netflix for online learning. Build your dream career, and try them free for 2 months here.



Ember Content Placeholders

Composable components for rendering fake (progressive) content like Facebook.


Ember Milligram

A minimalist CSS framework for Ember.


Ember CLI Update 0.8.0 Released

Easily update your Ember.js app.


Ember Apollo Client 0.5.2 Released

Use apollo-client and GraphQL from your Ember app.


Ember Exam 0.8.1 Released

An addon to allow you more control over how you run your tests when used with QUnit or Mocha.


Ember Bootstrap 1.0.0-rc.3 Released

An ember-cli addon for using Twitter Bootstrap 3 or 4 in Ember applications.


Ember Railio Form Components 0.0.41 Released

Addon for data-down/action-up based form-fields for Ember objects.


Corber 1.1.0 Released

Improves the hybrid app build experience with JS Frameworks using Cordova.


QUnit DOM 0.3.2 Released

DOM element assertions for QUnit.


Julien Palmas - What would Tomster do?

A bird's eye view of Ember from a Cocoa developer given at French Kit 2017.

EmberMap - Forms, Authentication, Ember 3.0, and Liquid Tether

Sam and Ryan discuss contextual components, unique authentication, building animations with Liquid Tether, and Ember 3.0.

Michał Staśkiewicz - Chomping GraphQL API with Ember

Short introduction to consuming GraphQL APIs with Ember.


11th October


Emberfest Preconference Meetup

12th October


Finite State Machines in Ember

12th-13th October


The European Community Ember Conference

16th October


Meetup reunion

18th October


Dan Gebhardt: Orbit.js with Ember.js & Dan Freeman: Contract Testing with Ember.js

18th October

Los Angeles

Topics TBD

19th October

Silicon Valley

Ember Project Night

19th October

Salt Lake City

Creating Deployable Apps with Cordova or Electron


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