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Ember Blog - The Road to Ember 3.0

Reviews the upcoming Ember 3.0 release scheduled for next year.

Official Ember status board

A quick way to keep up to date about new and upcoming Ember features and initiatives.

Ember RFC #236 Final Comment Period - Browser Support Changes

This RFC covers Ember 3.0 support for IE11+ and drops support for PhantomJS.

Ember Data v2.16.0 Released

Ember Data 2.16 includes bugfixes and removes the dependency on Bower.



David Baker - Ember CLI as a Compiler

Slides from David's Ember Denver talk on new improvements to how Ember CLI works and compiles assets.

Dockyard - Encouraging iOS users to install your Progressive Web Apps in Ember

This blog post covers best practices for PWA installation on iOS 11.

Karol Galanciak - Test-Driven Ember.js Book

A free e-book that builds a full Test Driven Ember application from scratch.

Gokul Kathirvel - How we cut down our ember build time?

This short article shows a few quick wins to speeding up builds in large Ember apps.

Atomic Object - Data with Rails and Ember CLI, Part 1: Setting up the API

Part 1 in a series by Laura Robb looking at creating a full-stack application with Ember and Rails.

Atomic Object - Data with Rails and Ember CLI, Part 2: Building the Front End

Part 2 in a series by Laura Robb looking at creating a full-stack application with Ember and Rails.

Online Master's in Information Design and Strategy promoted

This online, part-time program at Northwestern University is taught by industry leaders and top professors



Ember Raygun

An addon for adding Raygun v2 API tracking support to Ember Apps.


Ember Window Mock

A fastboot and testing compatible way to use the window object as a Service.


Ember Legacy Class Transform

Transforms native ES6 classes to Ember.Object compatible code.


Ember Dressy Table

An addon for powerful component based tables with support for filtering, sorting, and more.


Ember CLI Sanitize HTML

A simple Ember component for using the sanitize-html library.


Ember Simple QP

A simple and descriptive abstraction for declaring route query params.


Ember ARIA Slider

A WAI-ARIA compliant slider component.


Ember Floating Mobile Buttons

A set of floating button components for your Ember App.


Ember Contextual Table v1.10.0 Released

An expressive table component built on Ember Contextual Components.


Ember CLI Page Object v1.12.0 Released

Adds a new isPresent function to the great testing Page Object library.


Ember Web App v2.1.0 Released

An Ember addon for quickly adding PWA manifest.json support.


10th October


Ember open workshop night

11th October


Emberfest Preconference Meetup

12th-13th October


The European Community Ember Conference

16th October


Meetup reunion

18th October


Dan Gebhardt: Orbit.js with Ember.js & Dan Freeman: Contract Testing with Ember.js

19th October

Silicon Valley

Ember Project Night


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