Ember 1.0 Released! And a lot more updates & releases...
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The Big Release

Ember 1.0 Released

Two and a half years in the making but we got there. After a huge push by a large number of (awesome) community members and the (tireless) core team, Ember 1.0 was released on the weekend. A huge congratulations to everyone involved, and thank you for all your hard work. Check out the blog post for more information on 1.0 and see the rest of the newsletter for more updates and releases related to 1.0. (emberjs.com)

Other Releases

Ember Data 1.0 Beta 1 & 2 Released

Ember Data 1.0 Beta 1 was released alongside Ember 1.0. Beta 2 was hot on it's heals with Yahuda Katz tweeting that more releases should "be coming fast and furious" (emberjs.com)

Ember 1.0 RC8 Released

Mentioned in last week's issue, RC8 was officially released last week with some breaking changes and a few nifty new features which made it in before Ember 1.0. (emberjs.com)

Ember Inspector Chrome Plugin

This awesome tool for debugging Ember applications has been released to the Chrome Web Store. Big shout out to Teddy Zeenny for all his had work. A truly useful tool every Ember developer should have installed. (chrome.google.com)

Website Enhancements

New Homepage

The main Ember homepage has been updated with some cool inline examples. (emberjs.com)

Updated API Docs

The heroic community effort to get the documentation up to scratch for Ember 1.0 is now live. (emberjs.com)

Updated Guides

Guides have been updated for Ember 1.0, including an updated Model guide. (emberjs.com)

New Builds Page

Grab the latest and historic Ember binaries from the new builds section of the website. (emberjs.com)


Complex Architectures in Ember

Matthew Beale slides from last weekend's EmberFest in Munich. Includes information on the actions/events change that crept in before Ember 1.0. (madhatted.com)

Ember Data 1.0 Beta Transition Guide

Notes on how to migrate from Ember Data 0.13 to the Ember Data 1.0 Betas. (github.com)

Simple visual way to detect unnecessary renders

A simple CSS debugging trick to make re-rendering Ember views flash yellow. (reddit.com)

Experience with migrating from Ember.js RC7 to 1.0.0

A discussion started by Marc Vermeulen on the migration from Ember RC7 to 1.0 with some useful tips. (discuss.emberjs.com)

Ember Dependency Injection Subsystem Improvements

Inspired by the reddit discussion between Tom Dale and Shark_Kicker on the differences in Ember and Angular’s Dependency Injection, Stefan Penner outlines some ideas for improvements. (discuss.emberjs.com)


Ember Hot Seat - EP11: Stefan Penner

Core Team member, Stefan Penner, talks about "...the awesome community, how things work on the Ember core team, how to solve problems in Ember, how to be productive with Ember, and the future beyond Ember 1.0." (emberhotseat.com)

Updated Getting Started Screencast

Tom Dale has re-recorded the getting started guide's video screencast for Ember 1.0 (youtube.com)

Ember NYC August Meetup Video

Includes an Ember.js Beats demo by Gavin Joyce, Ember Components at Customer.io by John Allison, and Ember.js at Bustle.com by Tyler Love. (youtube.com)



Updated for Ember 1.0. A Grunt plugin that precompiles Handlebars templates for Ember.js. (github.com)

Idiomatic setTimout in Ember

Alex Matchneer gives the idiomatic method for doing setTimeout in Ember using the run loop. (jsbin.com)


Boston Meetup

5th September, 6:00pm @ DockYard. (meetup.com)

Chicago Meetup

5th September, 6:30pm @ Lightbank. (meetup.com)

Toronto Meetup

5th September, 7:00pm @ Pharmacy Bar. (torontoemberjs.com)

Southern California Meetup

11th September, 6:30pm @ Pivotshare. (meetup.com)


Blink tag Resurrected

Firefox may have dropped the blink tag, but Ember has you back! (by Gavin Joyce). (jsbin.com)

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