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Ember 1.0 RC7 Released

We're getting very close! Highlights include - Route#controllerFor no longer auto generates controllers, the old state manager router has been removed, handlebars updated to v1.0, and other various small improvements and bug fixes. (


Testing an Ember Application: Integration and Unit Tests

An in-depth look at testing lessons learnt by a group of Southern California Meetup hackers (

How and when to use Ember.Application register and inject methods?

A good Stackoveflow answer about dependency injection in Ember. (

Debounced and Throttled Observers in Ember.js

Alex Speller shows how to use the little known and functions. (


Ember Hot Seat - EP10: Luke Melia

Luke talks about a host of things including Ember performance, why he chose Ember at Yapp, balancing contributing to the platform and shipping product, and his opinion on what Ember's killer features. (

The Ember Router by Alex Matchneer - NYC July Meetup

An in-depth talk on the Ember router by Alex Matchneer, the lead developer on the previous router re-write. (

Ember App Kit by Stefan Penner - NYC July Meetup

An introduction to tooling and app structure with Ember App Kit from it's core contributor, Stefan Penner. (

Lessons from an Amateur by Irvin Zhan - NYC July Meetup

A short lesson for those new to Ember and it's object model. (

Ember and D3.js by Sam Selikoff - Boston August Meetup

Sam talks about using Ember and D3.js to build a dashboard. Find the slides, code and demos on Sam's website. (


Looking for an Ember expert?

Are you looking for a freelance developer to work on your project? I specialise in building Rails-backed Ember.js apps and would love to talk to you about how I can help you. (


EmberWatch Libraries Resource

The awesome EmberWatch now has a section for libraries courtesy of Taras Mankovski. (

Ember Wings

An (evolving) mini-framework for for creating, building and deploying Ember applications. (

Ember CRUD Example

Simple CRUD application using Ember.JS with a Node.JS Express backend with MongoDB. (

Todo Ember Laravel

An example of a persisted Todo-MVC using Laravel and EmberJS. (


Ruby Ireland Meetup, in Dublin

20th August, 7:00pm @ Engine Yard, Dublin. (

Ember & Bacon, London Meetup

21st August, 1:30pm @ The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields. (

Austin Meetup

22nd August, 7:00pm @ The FrontSide, Austin, TX. (

NYC Meetup

22nd August, 7:00pm @ Pivotal Labs. (

Southern California Meetup

22nd August, 7:00pm @ Satellite Santa Monica, Irvine, CA. (

San Francisco Meetup

27nd August, 6:30pm @ Switchfly. (

Ember Fest

30th August in Munich, Germany. A dedicated Ember conference, preceded by 2 training days, for those looking to get in to Ember, and a hackathon. (


A great example of how quick a JavaScript web application can be. Bustle is a news, entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion site. You can even open the Ember Chrome Extension and poke around. (

Ember.js Beats

An extremely cool drum machine built with Ember.js by Gavin Joyce for the Ruby Ireland Meetup. (code) (

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