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It's been another busy week in the Ember world, but Ember Weekly is here to help you to stay on top of it all. 
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Calling a Handlebars Helper From Another Handlebars Helper

Handlebars helpers can simplify your templates a lot. The ability to call a helper from another helper can lead to good code reuse. (thesoftwaresimpleton.com)

Unit testing your ember.js templates with jasmine

A two part (1,2) write-up on how to test your Ember handlebars templates using jasmine. (toranbillups.com)

Reopen application where the user left it

A quick solution to allow you to remember where the user was the last time they used the app. Useful for iOS web apps. (stve.cx)

Ember Data and the Meetup API

One of the first examples using the (WIP) BasicAdapter in Ember-Data. (mrloop.com)

Ember Testing Discussion

Some good discussion on testing Ember applications & testing guides happening on the Ember discourse forum. (discuss.emberjs.com)

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Getting Started

Why I Love Ember.js

@himkp outlines how he fell in love with Ember. A good summary of Ember's Pros. (fleon.org)

Anonymous Open Letter to the Ember.js Core Team

One developers frustrations with Ember & Ember-Data with response from core developer, Tom Dale. (gist.github.com)

Getting Started with Ember.js

A quick-start guide that is intended for JavaScript developers that want to get started building a simple Ember application. (tech.pro)

Ember at Embedly: Templates & the Router

A follow-up introduction to using templates with the router in ember. (embed.ly)

Effortless Abstraction with Ember.js

A look at how Computed Properties, Data Binding & Observers make writing applications with Ember simpler. (atomicobject.com)


Introduction to Ember with Extensive Q&A - NYC Meetup

Luke Melia provides a thorough introduction to Ember.js (including a number of deeper discussions of value to intermediate/advanced Ember developers) at the March NYC meetup (youtube.com)

Ember Jeopardy & Lightening Talks - NYC Meetup

An Ember-themed Jeopardy game show led to many topic discussions, and also three talks: Crambear - Flashcards in Ember, Drag and Drop in Ember.js, Automatic Model Generation from Rails (youtube.com)

How I learned Ember - CinciJS

The story & timeline of a developer learning Ember with some useful tips for anyone starting out. (youtube.com)

Philadelphia ETE JavaScript Frameworks Panel Podcast

A podcast recording from the Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Javascript frameworks panel with insight from Ember's Yehuda Katz. (chariotsolutions.com)


Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (emberweekly.com)


Using Ember.js & Firebase for powerful real-time applications

An Ember-Data Adapter for the popular 'store-as-a-service' - Firebase. Post covers a real-time chat application example. (thomasboyt.com)

IndexedDB & Cache Adapters

An experimental gist for an Ember-Data IndexedDB Adapter. Also work-in-progress on a CacheAdapter. (gist.github.com)

emu - Simple data access library for Ember.js

Another take on a simple data access library for Ember. (github.com)


An experimental library for bridging a LocalStorage adapter and a RestAdapter in Ember Data. (github.com)


A simple factory library for use with Ember. Still Young. Demo app. (github.com)


Generate Konacha spec infrastructure for your Ember-Rails apps. Under development. (github.com)


Updated to support RC2. Provides organization, scaffolding, template compiling, generators, building & general bootstrapping for your ember project. Code available on github. (npmjs.org)


Ember Animated Outlet is a plug'n'play module to support animated route transitions in Ember.js. (github.com)


Hacker Hours - EmberJS NYC

If you're in NYC, pop in to get help, give help, and hack. An informal session to allow people to work on their Ember projects, and ask & answer questions. April 16th @ 6-8pm. (meetup.com)

Ember Fest

EmberCamp Europe is now Ember Fest and will be held in Munich, August 28-30th. Early bird tickets are now available. (emberfest.eu)



An example application built with Ember.js and Ember Data using the Basic Adapter and the The Open Movie Database API. (github.com)

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