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Ember 1.0 RC6 Released

The official announcement of RC6. This release includes the Async Router API changes & Ember.Component. See the changelog for more details. (


Computed Property Macros

A look at Ember's Computed Property Macros and how they can greatly simplify your applications code. (

Some notes on EmberJS

Various useful notes on working with ember. Especially useful for people starting out. (

The Biggest Ember.js Event in Europe!

Ember Fest takes place in Munich, Germany and will be a three day event featuring Training sessions, a full day Hackathon as well as a full day Conference. This will by far be the European Ember.js event of the year, starting on August 29th and ending on August 30th with a conference dinner and an after party. (



Robin Ward also updated his emberreddit app to RC6. Check out the source. (


Tom Dale: Building URL-Driven Apps with Ember.js

Tom's talk from NDC in Oslo. He shows " Ember's router puts URLs front and center. You'll also see how embracing convention over configuration leads to compact, predictable, and testable code." (


Looking for an Ember Developer?

Deliver your job opening directly to developers with known interest in Ember.js development. Simply reply for more information about posting a job in Ember Weekly. (


Ember.js Persistence Foundation

A new framework, from GroupTalent, for "syncing client state with a persistent backend such as a REST API or socket connection". (

Ember Model

Ember Model now has relationship support - hasMany/belongsTo. (


Updated to v0.0.8 - with Ember-Data 0.13 support.. (


A controller mixin to support autosaving functionality in with Ember and Ember Data. Based on 'An AutoSave Pattern for Ember and Ember Data' blog post. (


Plug-in query string parameters for Ember.js. (



10th July @ Aconex, Melbourne. Yeahuda Katz will be giving a talk on Ember and the Future of the Web (

Boston Meetup

11th July, 6:30pm @ DockYard. (


Mozilla sponser Ember front-end for Bugzilla

Mozilla will be sponsoring Erik Bryn to create the bugzilla front-end with Ember. You can follow the source on github (

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