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Async Router API - MERGED!

Awesome work Alex Matchneer! The Ember Router Async changes are on master, fixing common router issues. Summary, examples & demos of changes are in this gist. (github.com)


AngularJS vs Ember: It's not even close

Discourse co-founder, Robin Ward, gives his thoughts on the differences between Ember & Angular. TL;DR - 'Angular seems to exist somewhere near the half way point between Backbone and Ember.' (eviltrout.com)

Logging the Magic in Ember.js

EmberWatch (the awesome Ember resource site) now has a blog. In this first post Philip Poots looks at logging in Ember. (blog.emberwatch.com)

Experimenting with Ember.js & ShareJS

A look at Ember & ShareJS working together to enable live concurrent editing in your app. (madhatted.com)

Handling contenteditable in Ember.js via App.ContenteditableView

How to use the contenteditable attribute in your Ember app. (kaspertidemann.com)

The willSetProperty gotcha in Ember-Data: Understanding the state machine

A look at the ember-data model lifecycle and a closer look at some gotchas. (coryforsyth.com)

Filtering a set of objects for display in Ember.js

Using filterProperty to display a list of objects filtered by some kind of criteria. (ianpetzer.wordpress.com)

Ember.js Tutorial With Rails 4

A follow up to Ember.js Hello World, this post covers setting up Rails4 as the persistence engine behind that example, plus adding and deleting records. (railsonmaui.com)

Getting Started with Ember.js

With Balanced's new dashboard written with Ember and open sourced, they give an introduction to Ember. (blog.balancedpayments.com)


Getting started with integration testing ember.js using ember-testing and qunit-rails

A detailed guide to get going with integration testing your Ember app in a Rails setup. (ianpetzer.wordpress.com)

Playing around with QUnit and Ember.js behavioral testing

A quick look at the new ember-testing functionality recently added to Ember. (medium.com)

Boston Ember - Testing Ember Applications

Dan Gebhardt covers tools and strategies for testing Ember applications. slides (youtube.com)


Ember Hot Seat Podcast - EP2: Kasper Tidemann

Kasper gives his perspective on getting started with Ember, his journey in choosing Ember, and how he’s overcome some of the difficulties. (emberhotseat.com)

Boston Ember - Ember Data

An introduction to Ember-Data from Alex Navasardyan. (youtube.com)



A Karma plugin. Preprocessor for Ember.js templates (handlebars). (github.com)

Yeoman Ember Generator

v0.3.0 released with CoffeeScript & Jasmine support, grunt-neuter & Ember 1.0 RC5 compatibility. (github.com)


ember-autosuggest will suggest names from a bound list. (github.com)


HTML5 file uploading with drag & drop and image/file preview. (github.com)


Southern California Meetup

18th June, 7:00pm @ HauteLook. (meetup.com)

NYC Meetup

20th June, 7:00pm @ Pivotal Labs. The Promise Land, with Domenic Denicola and Stefan Penner. (meetup.com)

San Francisco Meetup

20th June, 6:45pm @ Switchfly. Bugmash/Docfest. (meetup.com)

Ember Applications

TweetClock - Open Source Ember App

TweetClock allows you to create a queue of tweets and send them out at the right time in any time zone. An Ember app by Adam Hawkins. (source) (tweetclock.io)

Ember Sandbox - Live Editor

A little live-editor for experimenting with Ember, written in Ember. Think JSfiddle streamlined for Ember! (source) (jgwhite.co.uk)

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