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Authentication With Ember Apps

Adam Hawkins explains how you'd do token-based authentication using Ember routes. (broadcastingadam.com)

Lifecycle Hooks in Ember.js Views

An overview of how you can use a view's lifecycle hooks to run code when you're sure the DOM is ready. Great for initializing jQuery plugins. (madhatted.com)

Ember-Light: A Build For Migrating Page-based Apps

If you're not ready to jump into a full single page app with ember (or just want to play around), Matthew shows how to create a custom build of Ember. (madhatted.com)

Using ember-auth with Rails 3 and Authlogic

A great walkthrough on how to use the ember-auth library with Authlogic for easy authentication in your Rails app. (blog.centresource.com)

Ember.js Views and Live Templates with Handlebars.js

A detailed look at Handlebars and how it works with Ember. (tech.pro)

Ember transitionToRoute With New Model Hack

A detailed workaround of an Ember Data bug where trying to transition to a newly created model doesn't work due to a null id. (wjlroe.github.io)

Ember Time

An example of how to use moment.js to show a self-updating time in an Ember view. Mamba Time! (jgwhite.co.uk)

Ember RC5 Upgrade Notes

Robin Ward covers some of the gotchas they experienced upgrading Discourse to Ember RC5. (eviltrout.com)

The road to Ember.js

Timista have migrated to using Ember, they explain why they made the move. (timista.com)

Interesting Commits

Ember Router Async Facelift

Alex Matchneer is still working hard on the Async facelift to the router API. It's getting a lot closer - give your thoughts on the current enhancements. (gist.github.com)


Ember Hot Seat Podcast - EP1: Tom Dale

An entertaining chat with core contributor, Tom Dale, on the best way to get started with Ember, upcoming changes in Ember Data, Polymer, Tom’s fashion tips, and of course the wonderful Troll Comment of the Week. (emberhotseat.com)

Ember 101 EP8: Ember Data - Reading

Ryan gives a quick introduction on how easy it can be to use Ember Data to read data from a REST API. (ember101.com)

Ruby Hangout - Brian Cardarella

Brian gives an introduction to Ember and covers Ember Data, Rails-API, ember-easyForm & ember-validations. (youtube.com)

NYC Meetup - Refactoring jQuery to Ember.js

Luke Melia walks through refactoring a jQuery widget into an Ember application. Slides (youtube.com)

NYC Meetup - Thinking in Ember.js: Buffered Proxy

Core contributor Kris Selden gives a talk on Object Proxies. (youtube.com)

NYC Meetup - Prototyping Ember.js Applications

A great talk by Ryan Toronto shows how you can quickly prototype an Ember application. Slides (youtube.com)

Ember.js Blitzkrieg - live coding an Ember app

Adam Hawkins gives an introduction talk on Ember by live coding an Ember application at Hamburg.js. (lecture2go.uni-hamburg.de)

metacasts.tv - Ember.js Pt. 4 ($)

A continuation of the BeerDB app where you'll learn how to extend Ember controllers to add additional functionality to the application. (metacasts.tv)



EmberScript support for Middleman. (github.com)


Instead of using Ember DataStore, EmberCrossfilter provides a basic architecture for creating Ember models with Crossfilter; which allows for much quicker sorting and filtering. (github.com)


Factory library for Ember Data. Allows you to define and create factories instead of using fixtures. It is best used with the ember-testing package. (github.com)


Run Ember.js in your terminal! (github.com)


Ember + Leaflet = Fun with maps. (also checkout miguelcobain/ember-leaflet) (github.com)


Updated to v1.4.0 - Internationalization for Ember (github.com)


Balanced created their dashboard using Ember and have open sourced it. Another great OSS resource for Ember. (github.com)


Dublin Meetup

11th June, 6:30pm @ Tcube. Bootstrap your first Ember application with Lineman. (meetup.com)


Yoleo - The simple and beautiful feed reader

A newly released Google Reader alternative. Written in Ember. (yoleoreader.com)

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